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  • LED Flood and pin spot lights...


    Has anyone picked up the LED spot or flood lights, colored? If so, where is a good place to find these? Also, how did you like them?


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    Take care,

    Mike "Tattoo" Krausert

    Senior Project Manager

    Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group

    President - Bad Boys Scenic Design


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      I use LEDs a lot for different things. I have even strobed UV LEDs. I make my own though.


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        Hey Tattoo,

        I already know about those, plan on getting some. But I'll need some bigger lights for some scenes and outdoor as well.

        Barry, do you make pin or flood LED lights yourself?

        Thanks guys,


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          I just PM'd you, thanks.



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            You can check out Action Lighting for LED Floodlights...

            They're listed under Par 20 and Par 30. Not cheap though!

            The Christmas world uses them. You can check out a review here

            Ken Darrigo
            ClearCut Operations, Inc.
            ClearCut Operations |
            TerrorDome Haunted Scream Park |


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              I make both depending on the application. Of course they are not as nice as Tatoo's Mine are just hot glue and pvc.


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                Barry, how would their light output compare to Malibu fixtures? I was planning to use those instead of doing 120V.

                Also, you have a how to to assemble them?

                any gotchas are always good to know...
                The word for the day is NPD. Check it out.


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                  Tony, you might be warned by my experences with Malibo lighting in my backyard. Raccoon electricions! They steal bulbs, often pulling them from the light and leaving the perfectly good bulb laying on the ground next to the light!?
                  Sometimes the bulb is totally gone, I think they might think it's a hot treat and eat it?
                  I hoped I had pretty much solved this problem but just the other night as I was looking at my lighting I once again found bulbs missing! I have sloved this mostly by screwing the tops on the lights but it is still an on-going problem......


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                    You may need a few of them to equal a Malibu light. For my yard, I have been using pond lights from Harbor Freight. THey go on sale for about $7 and come with 3 different color gels and run on a 12V Malibu transoformer.

                    I use LEDs for pin spots, blinding spots, and washes in the haunt. They are also a lot cheaper to strobe than a flourscent fixture (but I still like my Wildfire strobe )

                    A little known trick is to sand the top of an LED to diffuse the light more.

                    For anyone coming to MHC, we will have a class called LEDs - The Other Haunt Light. I may do the class myself unless I get someone else to step up and take it but, then again, I haven't ever done a class at my own show :lol:


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                      Jim: Never seen a racoon out here, got coyotes, though. and some VERY noisy peacocks!

                      Barry: if you ever get your LED seminar to DVD, count me in to purchase, that can be VERY useful. Am glad I don't have to deal with light pollution out in the boonies
                      The word for the day is NPD. Check it out.