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    I've had several people PM or email me asking me to provide them with a copy of the IAHA 3 Year Plan. You can view the 3 Year Plan on the IAHA website at The board is working diligently toward the goals of the plan and I hope to have an update on some member benefits that should be materializing real soon!

    Chris Riehl

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    Once again IAHA says NOTHING about what they will do about any legislation that may come up in the future that would adversely affect the haunting industry. Meanwhile, they wrangle over who is a "professional haunter". Remember folks, the real problem are those people in political office who would ban those horrid, satanic, filthy, carny "haunted houses". Don't hide your heads in the sand. They are out there.


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      I agree with infoamtek, way to many run of the mill carny type haunts that like to do stupid things.
      I was telling Rich Shrelak that their should be guidelines to be an IAHA haunt, this would protect IAHA haunts to some but very little degree because if ten people get killed at a haunt, IAHA or not were all going to come under fire. But it would be nice to have safe guidelines to run by, shows we care.
      Sorry if this dosen't make much sence, i just climbed out of bed.


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        I think I can respond to both of those points:

        First legislation. The IAHA would very much like to be in a position to respond to potential legislation. The problem in the past has been getting the fouindation of the organization built/rebuilt so that it can truly be a national organization that represents us. The current board has spent the past two years doing just that. This 3 year plan shows that they are on the right track. That being said, I am sure that down the road there would be some IAHA response to potential legislation, however our voice would still be vewry small. Groups like IAAPA have the ability to spend a lot more money on lobbying efforts than IAHA ever will.

        Second Haunt Regulation - This topic has been around since the inception of the organization. The questions it always raises are: Would you want some organization telling you how to run your haunt? Who would be in charge of "inspecting" compliance with said rules? What about regulations that vary from state to state? Basically something like this is unenforceable. The best course of action is the current one - have a safety manual and recommend member haunts fllow the minimum guidelines.


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          If the haunt industry had the money to influence Washington politicos and money for professional lobbists...we wouldn't need to , we would just have too much money.
          Look at who gets votes and government funding an organization with 500,000 money-making members all kick-in just $20. each, that amounts to some serious money. Money makes the world go-round. Where's the big money in haunting?
          Disney? Six Flags?
          It's not "Lemm & Barney's Haunted Chicken Coop", open three nights a year, seeing 600 paying customers.


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            Ifoamtek said:

            Once again IAHA says NOTHING about what they will do about any legislation that may come up in the future that would adversely affect the haunting industry. Meanwhile, they wrangle over who is a "professional haunter"
            In Section V! of the 3 Year Plan you'll notice it reads:

            VI. Promoting the Industry and IAHA

            A. Continue participation in the National Haunted Attraction Industry PR Campaign [2007-2009]

            B. Develop IAHA as the official voice of the industry [2007-2009]

            C. Develop an official crisis PR plan to combat any possible bad haunt PR [2007]

            We feel that by providing a strong "Business Zone" available to the members, which includes infomation, articles and various forms of education, the IAHA attractions will be more inclined to operate safely. Like Barry said very well, the IAHA isn't in a position to enforce standards in each attraction, but again, we sure can provide a great amount of education by pulling together and sharing our respective talents and expertise. We hope to be posting an announcement on the soon to be revealed Business Zone real soon. The IAHA board and members have been working on it sine our return from TransWorld.

            Also, you'll notice that one of the many objectives of the 3 Year Plan is to "Develop an official crisis PR plan to combat any possible bad haunt PR" This is one way the association can address the press, media and general population in response to any situations or issues that arise.

            Infoamtek, I personally do appreciate your post and your concern. Please feel free to contact me or any of the IAHA board members directly with your feedback, suggestions, ideas, etc. The same goes to everyone else. As an association, we are a large group of IAHA members.

            If the board, which is a small group of volunteers is left to try and achieve all the goals and objectives laid out in the three year plan alone, we will end up representing only ourselves and not all the members. Please don't hesitate to provide your feedback, input and suggestions. Most of the current board members are individuals who have been on the board for quite some time now and have been working diligently to successfully get the IAHA on track. If the only feedback they receive is in the form of criticism, it doesn't help their level of motivation in working voluntarily with a continued ferver on behalf of the members.

            Please take the time to really read through the 3 year plan. If you believe you see a problem, please let us know, but please be specific in identifying the problem and offering a proposed solution. We won't take offense. We really will appreciat it! :wink: If you like any or all of the 3 Year Plan, please let the IAHA board members know. If you feel you can contribute to any of the goals and objectives, again, please let the board know. I am fortunate to have come on board after the 3 Year Plan was already identified and the goals established. I'm very excited about the direction the IAHA is headed and I'll do my best to work toward successfully achieving each objective. As the association grows and becomes even more established as "The" haunt industry association, our voice will become more unified, clearer, louder and will have even stronger recognition and influence.

            Thanks Infoamtek, Kevin, Jim and Barry for your posts! Excellent dialog!

            Chris Riehl


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              Very nicely put Kelly and Barry!
              Chris Riehl


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                I think Chad Savage said it best, which actually he was saying the same thing I've said and many others have said for years and years... But Chad said it very correctly, that IAHA must first and foremost figure out who they represent, if they're an association for a professional industry, or just anybody and everybody.

                Until IAHA has the full support of the industry, it will always seem to be stuck in neutral. It doesn't seem to grow, professional haunts and suppliers overall don't seem to embrace it, and it doesn't grow.

                IAHA really has no influence over anyone or anything.

                I do however feel that there are many great things that can or could be accomplished IF the haunted community and or industry would embrace the concept of a professional association.

                The problem is you can't function without full time employee's and unless you can charge no less than say $250.00 to $400.00 per members you'll never afford yourself that full time staff.

                The only people who can really afford to pay this amount are people in the industry, trying to make a living, and I think they would pay this if and only if they thought somehow IAHA would make their business better, stronger and provide more education.

                These are just the facts...

                My two terms as President and subsequent two years on the board have shown me just how difficult it is to achieve these goals, when you have certain people who oppose everything, or you get people who just can't get over a personality conflict or show favortism to another person for whatever reason.

                I have seen MANY good things happen for IAHA, and feel that NOW more than EVER IAHA is trying to fix all of these problems, and move towards being an association that represents the industry.

                That can only happen with the industries support... so either professional haunted house owners and suppliers want to join and support this three year plan or they don't. I think the plan is a good one, and Dan really deserves a lot of credit, he works hard to do this with no reward other than knowing he's helping his industry.

                So you either want on board, you believe in this or you don't.

                But at some point the haunted industry has to make up its mind, or just kick IAHA to the curb. After 10 years of fighting over it, not supporting it or half hearted support for it, its really time to say we want it or we don't want it.

                I think everyone should make up their mind and put this thing in a positive direction or just give it up for dead... one or the other.

                Larry Kirchner


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                  Kel and Larry thanks for taking the time to write what you did in IAHA's behalf, the first thing everybody needs to keep in mind is as you said your vollunteers. You guys are doing what you do for everybody's benefit,Thank you!

                  My thoughts are not nessecarily about what qualifys you to be a pro haunt or not. I think most importantly wether it be a big haunt or a small mom and pop haunt when a catastorphe such as the Great White Rock show incident happens were all going to pay wether big or small again.

                  With haunts it's just a matter of time when somebody not using their head puts to hot a bulb near illegal plastic and the whole place goes up killing 25.
                  Iv'e seen very big haunts not up to what i would consider safe standards and as well have visited little haunts that were no where near safe at all. Black plastic everywhere, you know nothings been fireproofed, Black spray painted bracing across the floor! Not overhead across the bottom so the bottoms of walls wouldn't kick out,total trip hazard.

                  Transporting patrons inside a vehichle at high speeds without a certified seat or lap restraints, the driver swirving back and forth?

                  How do these guys get past the fire marshalls?
                  Im talking very obvious stupid stuff here guys!

                  There should be someway to at least make a list of bylaws for IAHA sponsored haunts that reads your going to do things by the book and create a book of safety standards.

                  Wouldn't it be nice to have a small book with industry standards that you could show the Fire Marshall when he comes to visit, tell him you agreed to the things that many haunts across America saw fit as safe and your haunt abides by them? His visit might just be a bit shorter, your helping him with his job.Your putting his mind at ease right in the door.

                  You might just hear one day "Hey your an IAHA safe haunt,Great this shouldn't take long."
                  If a Haunts not IAHA sponsored then maybe the red flag will go up and the inspector will look it over better and see why a safety book is needed!
                  When some catstrophic does happen then THEY will make the laws and you know they will be strict and next to impossible if possible at all.

                  It just makes sense to me that somewhere there should be something in writing that good concerned haunts abide by,wether IAHA wants to take the chance and puts the name on it,that depends i guess.

                  It would be nice to hear im an IAHA haunt therefore i run a safe haunt.

                  If theres a haunt that people know isn't run safely then that haunt would be notified they have to meet the standards, if indeed it's your competition and it truly is unsafe then yes it should be reported. Patrons would also over a period of time know that an IAHA haunt is as well built safely,IAHA Safe Banners could be placed by all entrances. That way it would be something to be proud of the Haunt and the Organization!
                  Just my thoughts.


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                    Wouldn't that mean that the IAHA would have to personally (meaning a rep.) inspect the haunt? I mean, anyone could just take the safety "rules" and say.... Yeah we got all that; even if they don't?

                    Just a thought. -Tyler
                    Chris Riehl


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                      Yes they could do that. Thats why i stated as well as others it could not be policed, it would be honor system, these would be suggestions which would still be better than No suggestions.

                      It would be honesty and hopefully some would be honest.


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                        The idea of securing Health insurance is a HUGE deal, and would of great benefit to many haunters, mainly pro haunters who may still keep their day jobs for fear of losing benefits and in this case health insurance...



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                          IAHA Website Business Zone!

                          As a follow up to this topic, I thought I'd post an email just sent out to IAHA Members.

                          Fellow IAHA Members,

                          The IAHA Board is already busy working on the 3 Year Plan! If you haven't already done so, you can view the 3 Year Plan on the IAHA website at One of the objectives of the 3 Year Plan is more education and safety training. As part of achieving this, the IAHA board has implemented a new area of the IAHA website dedicated to providing educational materials, articles and documents related to both business operations and safety. We encourage you as members to visit the Members section of the website and explore the new Business Zone! The Business Zone will expand and we will be announcing new developments and additions as this takes place. As an association, it is our desire to provide the members with the information and knowledge to succeed as haunted attraction and haunt related business professionals. We are confident that the Business Zone is an excellent start to providing added value and outstanding business tools toward that end! We hope you enjoy the beginning of many great things to come!

                          Onward and upward while paying it forward!

                          Chris Riehl


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                            It would be really cool if Tim would grace our presence here on the Hauntworld boards.
                            Tims a great guy, i see him doing some great thinhs down the road for IAHA.

                            To share his veiw points here would be nice!
                            TIM, Im calling you out man! LOL


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                              Hey Kevin, Tim asked me to pass on to you that he lost his HauntWorld login and password. Tim also said to tell you that he just posted yesterday in the RFR chat room how he thought you and Ron would be great additions to the RFR chat. Tim visits there quite frequently.

                              Chris Riehl