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How to Motivate Yourself.

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  • How to Motivate Yourself.

    So you are dog-tired, too poped to pop? Yet here they come again, here you go again!
    Make it happen, one chance, you don't know who your victim is, their name, their job, nothing. But for just this very reason you have to givem your best!
    Sometimes I find myself thinking:I have to give this my best effort because I could drop-dead a day from now.
    I need my best performance because maybe someone in my little audience is a celebrity, agent,
    Director, financier looking to invest in something wacky?
    I was in very good form and voice tonight for just two customers, which turned out to be a Director and his Producer.
    I had them scared to death and then laughing their butts off, then screaming, then laughing.
    They spoke of wasting some film on me.......

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    Great advice - and good luck!


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      I wouldnt go so far to say that Jim. I was watching some of your videos on utube. Very entertaining. I didnt even know you had on there. Your right about you never know who you might be entertaining. Its always best to but on the very best show everytime.
      Damon Carson


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        Best Show-yes, but then...?

        The question becomes: Which Show do I do?
        A short Haunted History of the house?
        A longer version? Haunted history with attempted humor?
        Haunted History with No humor?
        A routine just using the effects in the room?
        Do I try to impress them with my intelligence or do I impress them as myself having no intelligence?
        Use some adult humor or none? Kids in the room? How afraid are they? Kid's Tour? Lights on, nothing scary, make the child become part of the entertainment, they might get to scare their own family members! Kids Love This!
        Then comes the rush and crush of October and I have to do 10 minute routines, cherry-picking from every catagory and going for laughs with scares yet give each enough time to be heard and comprehended and appreciated, yet still keep it quick. This usually calls for something extreme and very memorable, which sometimes gets "born" as an idea a few minutes before the door opens!
        I love it!


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          That is very good advice Jim. I do alot of my stuff on the fly, I will change from intelligent to just flat wacky sometimes. And when there is a real young kid of kids it gets tone way down for them too. I have even had one kid want to one of my props up close and since I knew the timing and could hear where the next group was I gladly let him look as he was with his parents. You would have loved to see his eyes light up like a kid at chrismas. I think I know just what he will be doing in the future. I am sure we just may see or here of him some day, and it would be neat if he remembers what got him started and lets people know. There is deffinatly a furture haunter inside that little body.
          a.k.a. The Butcher
          a.k.a. Hauntlord


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            My Wife's Favorite "Kid's" Reaction:

            It was a fair-sized group of people here during that summer on a weekend, it seemed as if they were all family, Mom's , Dads, kids. One little girl was abit afraid to be here in the house even with lights "on" and her whole family telling her everything was "OK".
            My Wife stepped up and talked to her, promised to take her around the house basically on a separate tour where nobody could be scaring her , and she might even to get to scare them! Her family!
            She made that jump from being too afraid to loving being here. We both saw her very scary-evil dance she did(yes, the little girl!)she would take a definate stomp-step as she would clap her hands together as her foot hit the floor with a crazed look on her little face going "A-Ha,a-ha, a-ha!" As her parent's immobile bodys were being unceromoniously dumped down a pit.
            She was scary to us!