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Transworld Seminar - Time to Chime In

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  • Transworld Seminar - Time to Chime In

    Hey Folks,

    I'm once again doing ONE and ONLY one seminar for the entire year... I don't do any seminars but this one time of year called ummm Transworld! LOL

    I wish I could travel to all these shows, they seem like real fun but we're just so busy around here with three haunts, two little league baseball teams and tons of projects to build for clients. I just can't visit other shows... so the one and ONLY time of year I do a seminar is at Transworld.

    This year I'm doing a seminar on building the ultimate 3D haunted house.

    Now here is where you CHIME IN... what do you want to learn, know, or whatever. Please CHIME IN NOW! I really haven't given much thought to the seminar and to be honest I never do until the day before! LOL

    But I wanted to make sure I cover all the bases on this topic... help me out. Clearly I'll be using our 3D attractions as past experience to rely on we've only done something like 150 3D projects since 1995.

    We are doing some very interesting things inside our 3D haunt this year and we'll include that stuff but I really wanted to know from you guys out there what you thought I should cover.

    I know one thing I will cover is how to make money with such an attraction, how and where to do them and things of this nature. But outside of that we need to help you build a 3D attraction that helps you make money and entertains your guests.

    Let me know.

    Larry Kirchner

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    Larry, what about the pros and cons of having it painted in house as opposed to buying the vinyl patterns that just screw to the walls. Cost of each method and so on.
    I know you have your own artists but what about a list of artists others could hire to do this.
    Just a start.
    Greg Allen


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      I really never have understood the whole 3d haunt. I have never seen one that was scary, interesting or even good. They always just seem like a lot of filler to thin the lines or be able to say you have 2 haunts instead of one. I have been through many of them and am always just hurrying to get through. Anybody else feel that way. Is that the reason there are so many? To thin the lines and break up groups? for the very best items on the net.