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  • 2011 Haunted Overload progress

    I can't believe it's 2011 already. I'm still stuck in the 80's lol! I figured since we were working on acquiring props for the haunt today I would start a new thread detailing our progress like last year from start to finish. I really enjoyed Shane's progress post as well as Erick's from Oblivion and Dewayne's from Folklore. It's great to know others are in the same boat and I think we all learn a lot from each other by doing so. Last year was quite a challenge to say the least, having to move and rebuild the entire haunt in 6 months. We can only work on it during the weekends. Getting laid off and having to find a new job during all that didn't help in the stress department either, lol!

    I mentioned my grandfather in last year's thread. He is still doing great at 101 years old. He did however have to move into a very good assisted living facility not too far from here. He knows a lot of people up there and is very happy.

    He was a Jack of all Trades and had a home made saw mill in the late 70's and 80's. I remember him sawing giant logs with the mill made from a truck engine, it was insane. All the boards you see on this shed were sawed that way. That is my grandfather going into the shed at the haunt in 2008 in the photo below. He donated the wide pine boards to me for the haunt and got a kick out of the portable sheds I made with them.

    Now he has donated one of the giant blades, cross cut saws and a bunch of old tools that look like torture devices to the haunt. He had tons of old stuff that will go perfect with our theme. I intend to make a big saw mill building and area this year. With this blade and tools it will look very authentic and my grandfather's legacy will live on at the haunt. It's pretty cool and I am very grateful for all he has done for me and Haunted Overload.

    It will take me forever to revamp my web site so here is a Facebook gallery of last years move.

    Event gallery. Photos by Artifact Images.

    Enjoy the photos and progress throughout the year.


    Tom Milone with the giant saw blade.

    My Grandfather at 100 years old in 2010

    Ottie going into the shed at the haunt in 2008.

    Wallace Valley and Tom Milone with the cross cut saws, blade and some old tools for the new scene.

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    I'm happy to hear your Grand father is doing well!



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      Thanks Eric, looking forward to seeing the progress. It's a great blessing to have your Grandad so long; hope the thaw comes early this year as well.


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        Great story and pics Eric. Hope you have a great 2011!
        Damon Carson


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          Great pics and story...your grandfather looks amazing for 100! Have you asked him what his secret is?

          Mike "Pogo" Hach
          -Mike "Pogo" Hach


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            Awesome, your back! I always love your progress post and pics. Looking forwared to see what wicked and OVER sized things you come up with this year.
            Giving People The Chills Since 2005



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              Cant wait to watch the progress, Eric!
              Looks like this year you will get to watch OUR progress of moving, as we have found out that we have lost our building for this coming years season. Last year we had the luxury of working all year in a heated building and I fear that wont be the case this coming season.
              "My day is not complete unless I have terrified a complete stranger!"

              Erick James Gyrion
              Owner - Oblivion Haunted House
              Menasha, Wisconsin



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                What I would not give to have my Grandparents back.. well I still have 1 living. I look forward to seeing the new stuff. I consider you a great friend and you inspire me so much! Shane and it's good luck my friend in 2011! Shane this time!


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                  Thanks guy's! I'll do my best to keep the thread up to date. I don't have nearly as much time to post now that I have a 2 hour commute to work, 10 hour work day and 2 hours back. It makes for a real long day but I have Monday's off to catch up, work on the haunt etc.

                  Looking forward to seeing what everyone else has in store for the new year!



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                    Tim Bickford of Creative Cinema Video made us a video to play at our wrap party. He only had 5 days to do it and it came out great. We will now cut this up and tweak it for shorter You Tube segments and put them on the new web site.

                    For better playback you should download the video file to your computer.

                    password: delicious


                    Also here is my favorite review of this year.


                    On a side note,

                    Richard Christy from the Howard Stern show just recorded a new album with his band Charred Walls of the Damned. He is a huge haunted house fan, check out his website/blog and favorite haunt list.

                    I made a real quick mock up of what an album cover could look like using one of our haunted attraction images. It would be cool but I doubt anything comes of it, they may have artwork already. It may fit because the guy in the video is wearing a gas mask. I emailed the mock up and we will see what happens I think it looks cool.





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                      Thats the same video you sent me I believe and I will say it again I LOVE IT! Great work man as always! Shane and it's you just keep wowing me man! Shane this time!


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                        Halloween nation!

                        Check this out! Some of you on this forum may have been interviewed by Lesley Bannatyne for her new book on Halloween so you know what I am talking about. I can't wait to get my hands on this book titled Halloween Nation. Behind the Scenes of American's Fright Night. It comes out in April but you can pre order it now. This is particularly exciting for me because the the publisher chose a photo of my scarecrow taken by Artifact Images for the cover.

                        I made this pumpkin in 2004 in the cellar for my growing home haunt out of Great Stuff spray foam. I never would have dreamed that 7 years later it would end up on the cover of such a cool book! I still use the pumpkin in my haunt today. The photo for the book was taken in 2008.

                        To learn more about the book or to pre order go to Lesley's web site, it's cool! There is a great list of people on there I can't wait to read about in the book. I am honored to have been included in the book with them.


                        I got a kick out of looking at these old photos of the construction of the pumpkin so hopefully you guys will as well.


                        Carving the foam, what a mess!

                        The pumpkin with Liquid Nails smeared all over it.

                        Some more pumpkins hanging to let the paint dry.
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                          New Character!

                          Check this out, we will have a new character this year at Haunted Overload.

                          Tom Sadowski joined our team last season and is hard at work on a new costume for this year. I thought it might be of interest to forum users to see the beginning stages of the costume and how it turns out in the end.

                          I think this character will go over really well. I love the new CFX mask and hands but it will be the costume as a whole and Tom's performance that makes it.

                          Tom wrote a description of the character to share on this thread.



                          I have most of the accessories now to the costume but the main costume is still being worked on. The characters name is ol' scratch a satyr/devil who's name is an old New England nick name for the devil. The mask is a custom CFX Morlock mask with horns, hair and custom paint. They also painted a pair of matching gloves and chest piece that will be sewn on to the rest of the fur costume. The contacts name is "Harpie" are from Coastal Contacts. They are 18mm not full scalare(22mm) but close and I bet a lot more comfortable. Although after wearing them for 2 hours my eyes still stung for the rest of the day. I guess I'll be conditioning my eyes to wear them. I did buy a pair of dental distortions and they look great but I did not find them easy to speak with so I opted for some scarecrow "shredders" for the top and "small deluxe" for the bottom sold by vampfangs. I then used some tooth fx "nicotine" to discolor the teeth. In the pictures you will see a waist wrap that will have the camel color changed to the brown color to match the spaulders (shoulder pieces). Speaking of the spaulders I added 3 embellishments to spice it up a little. The other items are trinkets from ol' scratches victims and a scull ring on his finger. I'm searching for another ring. I will be constructing a staff with the crystal scull and baphomet statue (to help with stability while wearing the digistilts).The digistilits and part of my upper body will be covered in brown fur (goat hair...well not real). The pictures of the digistilits show me with foam added onto some pants for muscle mass. The digistilits add to my height by about 7" I'll end up being around 6'10" and give a good scale to everything and imposing stature.


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                              I like this character old scratch. Cool idea and name. Like the stylts or elevated shoes. I would like to see this character in action. Got any video? Pretty cool stuff Eric!
                              Damon Carson