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How Many Of you "Telegraph"?

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  • How Many Of you "Telegraph"?

    Telegraph your punches? or Scares?
    I began doing a very silly little routine that allows the customer to anticipate exactly where I will be (which I am) and it usually scares them!
    All that is involved is one small flash light and my face, in a dark room, of course.
    Those not directly scared have to laugh!
    Laughing is also "Good".
    It may not be THE silliest thing I have ever done here, but it ranks right up there!

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    I have done it with kids but not adults. I might try this next year a little bit.
    ~*~How is a raven like a writing desk ?
    ~*~*~There both the perfect tools for picking at the brain.
    ~*~*~*~An my favorite game you ask ?
    ~*~*~*~*~ Raven on the desk of course.

    Jessica Ward


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      I Might Be Inspiring Adults think like "Kids".
      After they study the house's exterior and their minds begin to ponder......"Stimulation" is the name of our "Game" and pre-stimulation does help ever so much.
      Stimulation-anticipation both can set the mind to a fevered state which is a pleasant place for many (but not all)
      Feeling "Alive" is also a large part of much entertainment, isn't it?
      Then I say or do some obviously silly thing which only can add to the aura being manifested here.
      "Relax, enjoy, be a "kid" let out with that scream, it doesn't matter, we are all kids here."