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Beast or Edge help of a different kind?

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  • Beast or Edge help of a different kind?

    Hi gang. Wasn't sure where to post this. I'm trying to branch out on my visits next year and would LOVE to see the Beast and Edge out in KC, BUT the Mrs and I aren't as young as we once were (50s).

    Is it possible to travese these WITHOUT crawling or sliding? (I know, I know thats half of the fun, but I'd love the experience, just don't know if we can handle the physicality!


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    I know you need help but why did you post in the help wanted section? Its okay it does sound like you need a little help. Edge of Hell is physically demanding. You have to crawl, you have to duck underthings. There is one part in total dark that makes you feel as if you are having to climb up an uphill grade. Plus the haunt is 4 stories tall. There are stairs to climb. The Beast has somethings like this but not as bad as The Edge. You will have to crawl under a fireplace then through a small section. There are stairs to climb but it would be the lesser of the two. Havent made it to go to Cinema Macabre or Edgar Allen Poe haunts yet. Hope this helps some.
    Damon Carson


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      Thanks and sorry

      Thanks and sorry for the mis post.