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  • Wow

    Just catching up on the pictures WOW its rocking! Has it been as hot there as here Eric? Everything is really looking sweet man! Hey where did you get that cool azz Insane Shane Shirt its cool! Shane and its man its gonna be good! Shane this time!


    • The stuff you guys do is beyond amazing really!

      I'm blown away!

      Great job!

      Larry Kirchner


      • Thanks for the support everyone, it's a tough year that's for sure. Here are some shots of the electrical going into the woods. This is where a lot of my budget will go for this season, it's a real long run as you can tell. Much more to go to get the actual haunt powered up. It will come right down to the wire, LOL!




        • Eric

          My friend me, you and several will have some hellascious battle storys to talk about after this is all over! I feel what you are going through and as bad as I have to say it I am SOOOOOOOO glad I am not the only one in this boat! It makes me feel somewhat better to know were all in this together! Shane and it's keep up the good work my friend! Shane this time!


          • Looks good we here at the Hollow are fans of your work Eric.
            To all those rebuilding this year keep at it you can make it just think of the smile that will cross your face when you hear the first cutomers scream of terror. Shane I have faith you will make it, and plan on trying to swing by some time this season to see the place.
            Proud to be able to work at


            • incredible what goes on behind the scenes

              and what has to be done to open a haunt legally. Hopefully, you're in that spot forever. no more moves! Good luck, guys..... keep it going!


              • This is what happens when it rains. We move into the cellar and continue making props.

                Tom working on giant fingers for new pumpkin creatures.

                Wally with the hands put together.

                Me working on a coating of monster mud for the stick creature heads.

                Wally showing the head in relation to the hand. These should look cool when carved and detailed.



                • I have said it before, and I shall say it again! Looks great, my friend!
                  "My day is not complete unless I have terrified a complete stranger!"

                  Erick James Gyrion
                  Owner - Oblivion Haunted House
                  Menasha, Wisconsin



                  • Awesome work Eric. Looks like a lot of fun.

                    I can't wait to see the finished pictures.

                    13th Gate


                    • Does your local fire marshal require you to do anything special when you put a completely enclosed building on your trail, like the one in the picture??

                      It all looks GREAT, by the way!

                      Originally posted by elowther View Post

                      Hey Shane, check out the t shirt, lol!


                      • The small shed you are in and out in 2 seconds so that's no problem. My other tunnels only go 50 feet before you come out and then go back in again. Also there are no permanent roofs on them just fire proof fabric so they can't be considered buildings. Only the very front of that mine shaft has boards on it then it starts the cloth. I have a great fire marshal and every location is different so check with yours before doing anything. I have had them come out to check all along the way.

                        Here is a new tee shirt design I did tonight. We may put glow in the dark ink in the skull image for the back.




                        • Love it man

                          Love the shirts man! Shane and its awsome job! Shane this time!!


                          • The shirt designs look great!
                            Katie Lane
                            Raven's Wolf Art Productions (

                            Bansheette Morningstar (


                            • You've got to get these shirts in your online store. I want one!


                              • A few more photos of the move.

                                We got a lot of looks on the road with a truck load of corpses and skeletons, lol!

                                Giant hand from one of the monsters.

                                A huge thank you to Tim Dunne and the Fright Kingdom crew for pitching in and lending a hand with construction this weekend! We both have very dedicated crews as you can tell by Rob's FK tattoo and Kyles HO tattoo. They really kicked ass and gave us a big boost in momentum.

                                Tim and I in front of an unfinished facade.

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