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Weird weather......Dry Fall?

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  • Weird weather......Dry Fall?

    Hey guys,

    Does anyone out there study the weather and follow any patterns for predicting it on here?

    Here in Maryland, we usually see a total of maybe 12-20 inches more or less of snow for the whole winter, and a "storm" of 2-4 inches is lead story on the news and they stay on air most of the day, shut down schools, it's a big deal.

    This year however, I have 50" of snow on the ground now from two back-to-back blizzards which NEVER happen, or once a decade at the most. This is on top of the storm just as big that happened a week before Christmas. Very strange weather indeed. This past fall as most of you experienced, was also our wettest fall on record where it rained nearly every weekend.

    So, what next? Is it wishful thinking to expect a nice warm summer and dry fall in contrast to the last 6 months? I think this weather might give credance to the whole global warming thing....


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    I know you guys are getting hit hard, I feel for you, here in the DFW area in Texas, we're sitting on about 3"-4" right now and its still snowing, very unusual for us. I moved to Texas from Nebraska 20 years ago, I haven't seen snow like this in Texas since then.


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      Good question. It shouldn't be too hard to figure out. Just need to have the weather records for a region, and see if there is a correlation between winters with above average snow falls and the weather reported for the corresponding following fall. However, I always think of the weather in terms of chaos theory. The whole 'if a butterfly flaps its wings in Central Park on Monday it rains in Tokyo on Friday'. There really are way to many variables to calculate what will happen in the fall.
      All I know is that I have shoveled more snow this winter than I have in the past 10 combined. That should buy be a some favor with great weather gods come fall.
      Louis Brown
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        Next fall is anybodies guess. We are in an extended period of solar minimum. The sun has cycles on avg. of 11 years. Just look up solar cycle and I will not do the 1/2 hour of typing here. Anyway; last summer was record cold summer all across U.S. corn belt..hey Al is the sun stupid! The United Nations IPCC top dog on "Global warming" said many years ago "each of us has to determine if we are going to be truthful or effective" He was all to familiar wth Hitlers "Tell a big lie, tell it often, and people will believe it even after facts prove it wrong". Now Global warming has gone to "Climate Change" because last several years temps were trending below normal (back side of solar cycle) and global warming was being ridiculed too much. This solar cycle has been documented (counting sun spots on sun) since mid 1700's. There was an abnormal period once when cycle for unknown reason during a solar minimum phase the cycle went 50 years instead of usual 11 years. That was "the little ice age" where crops in europe were devastated and massive hunger resulted.

        Will it be dry next fall..throw the dart at dart board just as good as any weather prediction. I will say this; haunted houses in Michigan should have done banner business last fall with weekend rains. Families of my own actors drove the extra 45 minutes to go to Erbus or Realm of Darkness instead of my outside haunt because of cold wet weather.


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          Im no weatherman but it usually works like this anyway in Missouri. If your lucky to get by with one dry to semi-dry October. The next October you better be ready for alot of rain. Basically thats how it works. Sometimes its 50/50. And then some years your hit back to back with cold wet weather. But its very unperdictable for the most part. Half the time the weather man doesnt even know. Good luck. And my philosophy for the weather is dont worry about it till it comes. And if it does just try to deal with it.
          Damon Carson


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            Weather has been pretty mild here this winter. This week was our first serious snowfall.
            Jared Layman


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              You know believe it or not I have had pretty good luck using the Farmers Almanac. For the most part it has been very close and I have even booked camping trips months in advance using it. For example the week of the TW show in STL they are calling for warm weather and T-storms. We will see and if I'm wrong don't shoot the messenger.
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