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  • Hanf-A-Domous Predicts

    Greetings has been some time since I was awakened from a deep sleep...dripping in sweat...because a prediction had manifested itself deep into my psyche. That is exactly what happened to Hanf-A-Domous late last night!!!

    The first image I had seared into my minds eye was of a group of people. I saw the powerful, the movers and shakers, I saw what appeared to be a group like the Bilderburgers group or perhaps the Trilateral Commission...but wait. It was a powerful group like those...only the haunters version of them. is the haunting version of the Council of Foreign is AMERICAS HAUNTS!!! It's true!!! This super secret group...akin to Skull & Bones...has sequestered itself deep in the bowels of the 13th Gate haunted House to discuss...Ah...well that remains the content of another post. This much can be said...nobody is supposed to know what is being said behind these walls!!! Who will benefit from these uber secret talks? Who will be the winners and who will be the losers? Only time will tell!!! One thing is certain. There is no such thing as a cave so deep or a wall so think that it cannot be penetrated by the psyche of Hanf-A-Domous...seer of things unseen...knower of things unknown!!!

    An I struggled to fall back to sleep yet a bigger prediction imbedded itself in my mind. A prediction so drastic, so surprising that it will shock all who read it...and yet it shouldn't.
    For years now Hanf-A-Domous the Great has predicted that there is no need for as many tradeshows as this industry has. Although all seems calm on the tradeshow front, there is a cool wind beginning to blow...a wind that will change everything as we know it.
    I...Hanf-A-Domous the Great hereby predicts that in the very near future we will hear news of a consolidation...a consolidation of tradeshows. A consolidation that will either change not one...but TWO tradeshows...change them or ELIMIMNATE THEM ENTIRELY!!! it is written so shall it be. As that which we have known goes away...remember that you have heard it here this day!!!

    And now I will go back to pondering the mysteries of life...mysteries such as...Why is the game Monopoly made by only one company?
    Hail and farewell Hanf-A-Domous the Magnificent

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    The Man with the plan. The man of the hour too sweet to be sour!!
    Great to hear from you I hope all is well!



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      Rich speaks the truth!

      The Porno Awards and Trade Show will combine with the Haunted Attractions Show very soon! Shane and its gonna be wild! Shane this time.


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        Does this mean the boob lady does not even have to paint them?


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          How did you know that info o great one... one thing you missed though is that not all members of America Haunts are going, because I won't be holed up anywhere but my own home working on our haunted house for this tradeshow coming up called Transworld. LOL

          I think the meeting at the 13th Gate is more of a chance to see 13th Gate and hang out, talk whatever. I would have loved to see 13th Gate but I'm just way too busy!

          I'll get there next time.

          Nice to see you have awaken from your deep slumber to start your predictions once again!

          Larry Kirchner


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            I thought that meeting was on the Bloody Mary Cruise! Thats when they sign the pacts in blood AND dance the polka while dressed like cows!
            Ben Armstrong


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              RIP Transworld Chicago
     for the very best items on the net.


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                r.i.p. haunt con


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                  I love this industry... haha... -Tyler
                  Chris Riehl


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                    Hmmmm...... I wonder......

                    Well, we're not going anywhere - we're booked up until 2012.

                    2010 Show Dates!
                    Thursday, April 29th, 2010
                    Friday, April 30th, 2010
                    Saturday, May 1st, 2010
                    Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

                    2011 Show Dates!
                    Thursday, May 5th, 2011
                    Friday, May 6th, 2011
                    Saturday, May 7th, 2011
                    Sunday, May 8th, 2011

                    2012 Show Dates!
                    Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012
                    Thursday, May 3rd, 2012
                    Friday, May 4th, 2012
                    Saturday, May 5th, 2012
                    Sunday, May 6th, 2012
                    Michael Bruner

                    The National Haunters Convention - OVER 100 vendor booths!
                    Valley Forge, PA

                    The Cadavers Cotillion

                    Get behind the scenes tours to the best haunted attractions!



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                      I am not sure I understand Rich, why do we have to get rid of smaller conventions? I am working my >>> off to get a mid sized show off the ground for my students as well as haunters from all over. This sort of post just makes for ill feelings.

                      You don't have to like me or my convention, but I would never post anything anywhere that would do damage or potenial damage to anothers show.

                      I made darn sure to not set dates that would conflict with another show.

                      I wish for the sake of everyone that instead of 'predicting' the down fall of haunted house conventions we would work together to help each other.
                      Ed Roberts
                      The Nightmare Factory


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                        Rich didn't say anything about the downfall of other shows or anything negative, he said some shows might consolidate maybe some will get bought out or something that's extremely common in the business world you try to buy out your competition...



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                          Hanfadomas has made all sorts of predictions many of which have come true... I don't know how serious you take them but sometimes he has inside info that tells him something may or may not happen but most of the predictions have humor attached.

                          Secondly, I didn't know you are producing a show which one is it?

                          Lastly, as for some of these smaller shows falling off... I will have to go with Rich on that for many reasons. One you have two shows on the same exact DAY! How dumb is that?

                          How can you expect everyone to support either show when they both fall on the same dates? Explain? Additionally it seems like everyone and their grandma is planning, producing and is doing some sort of haunted event. I guess it really boils down to are you trying to make money, is the success predicated on if vendors buy booths or just if haunts show up for events and seminars.

                          I don't think these vendors are going to all these shows this year, they can't afford it money wise one and two TIME... if you are always going to shows like every other weekend how can you build products?

                          I think its great if new shows spring up but not ones that depend on vendors support because I don't think they are going to a zillion shows.

                          Regional events with seminars, tours, and events are great, convention halls with vendors ahhh I don't think that will happen! It really just boils down to what your plans are... I think we should have 50 regional shows that focus on education and events. That would be great!

                          Tell us what your plans are...

                          But in the end I think RIch might be refering to two shows going head to head trying to get buyers, trying to get vendors all on the same day! Unless there is a clone machine out there I don't think it will happen... LOL

                          Larry Kirchner


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                            Hey Larry,

                            I am the project manager for the west coast haunters conveniton May 20-23.

                            Allow me to address your points -

                            It is true that there are two shows right on top of each other. Lack of planning on the part of one show or the other, I cannot say, this is why I am planning mine when I am.

                            Our show fills several gaps, one there currently is no show on the west coast. Two I cannot take my students and staff to any out of state shows, therefore I started the WCHC. Our approach to the show is different than most and if you want, I can explain what I mean by this another time.

                            My vendor response has been fantastic! I am blessed... I went into this with a plan, knmowing full well it might not come to pass. I am pleased to say it is growing leaps and bounds. I have a good speaker base for our first year, once all the contracts are signed I will annouce them. Same goes with the vendors.

                            Our show is not in a convetion hall, no time to secure one, we holding it on campus. why not we owwn the property and we have the space, ample space.
                            In the furture I have several options for convention space, even a real conventnion hall. This being our first year we wanted to play it safe.

                            I hope this clears a few things up, thank you for the opportunity to discuss this.

                            Ed Roberts
                            Project Manger
                            Founder of the Nightmare Factory at the Oregon School for the Deaf!
                            22 years and still screaming!
                            Ed Roberts
                            The Nightmare Factory


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                              Hey Just FYI... we have you listed in our new magazine and we have you listed on our convention and tradeshow page. We are happy to help you in any way we can... you just let us know!

                              Good luck with your event!

                              And yes getting back to the prediction its not really a tough prediction when you think about two shows spending a ton of money to produce the shows and bam they are on the same days... unreal!

                              Anyway someone is going to suffer if not both. Even if these shows are one week apart that is still way to close! I think what needs to happen is a POW WOW between all the shows they get on a conference call and bang out their times and dates.

                              Larry Kirchner