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ok you know your a haunter when ???

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    When you constantly evaluate every item on every isle of a store to see if it can be used to make something for the haunt,or your costume even while shopping for Groceries.

    Where most people see junk you see prop materials.

    when you can't drive by a scrap yard with out thinking how cool that old rusty machine would look in the lab.

    When everyone else is going to a horror movie to get scared you are going for research purposes.

    When your pick up line is hey I work at "Random Haunt"


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      when your wife separates your clothing into "wear out" and "wear at the shop" piles due to latex and silicone spattered on them.

      When you have to dig for a t-shirt that isint black.

      when you have many hours using a chainsaw but rarely has it had a blade on it.

      When you get annoyed at the skimpy dressed girls at halloween show because a haunt booth could be in their spot

      when you have done a 4th of July parade in a monster costume.

      when you have done a Christmas parade in a monster costume.


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        When you eventually get the old, creepy, 1870 haunted house bought that's been empty for two years and you are in the dark (no electricity yet) on your knees, a flashlite between your teeth, working on the sump pump in the big wine cellar at 2 am, because you couldn't sleep. (Too excited about having bought the house) THEN you remember the girl who claimed "someone" had kissed her on the lips 20 years ago when it was the JC haunted house and you know you will Never come into this room wearing a dress or a wig because she never said if it was a "French "kiss with a forked-tongue , and you don't want to find out!!!!!!!
        No electricity, working on the sump pump, 2 am..??? That pump hadn't run in 2 years it could have waited, BUT I COULDN'T!!


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          when you wear a sant suit while armed with a chainsaw (yep ive done it )
          The flesh is weak wax is eternal.


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            When its the end of the season and the next day your thinking about what you can do to make it better for next year right away

            When you look on the free section of craigslist for items you think you could use in your haunted house
            Kyle Guillette
            Dysfunctional Concepts-Haunted Alaskan Motel


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              Originally posted by PAT MATTHEWS/HOUSE OF WAX View Post
              when you wear a sant suit while armed with a chainsaw (yep ive done it )
              I wanted to do this for Christmas Decorations in my yard but the wife said no go.

              You know your a haunter when your Grocery shopping and you every time you see a thick liquid like corn syrup you wonder what kind of wonderful slime or fake blood you could make out of it.
              Proud to be able to work at


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                LOL! I'm guilty of most of these so far.. I've snoozed on a gurney before
                as a corrollary to the 'blood on the clothes' post - add black paint all over the clothes..
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                  When you park your Jag in the street and your hearse in the driveway….


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                    when there is a spot where you undress and empty your pockets that is full of screws, bolts, washers, broken fingers, eyeballs, zombie skin, rubber roaches etc. etc.
                    Netherworld Haunted Attractions


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                      When you pull the 350 short block out of your 1978 25th anniversary corvette and put it into your 1967 Cadillac hearse because the hearse engine was shot when you bought it and you needed the hearse to run for the town parade to advertise your haunt!!!!!


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                        I love this post its amazing how many of these things were all guilty of minus shanes obvious obsessions. Big or small were all pretty much all the same.
                        The flesh is weak wax is eternal.


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                          Awesome post! Here's one for you.

                          You know you're a haunter when......You drag out the black lights, smoke machines and pumpkins you had been saving. Not in October but on a freezing cold January night to do a photo shoot in an attempt to get a good shot in the snow for next year's Christmas card or future calenders.

                          Enjoy the shots by Artifact Images,




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                            First, AWESOME PICS!
                            Okay, now to the topic...
                            When everyone you know starts off when they see you, "I saw this awesome hearse (or anything horror/haunt related) and it reminded me of you..."
                            Yep, I've had that happen a lot, even from people I only see twice a year!
                            LOL...when this post started I was going to post EXACTLY what Larry said. I've been on vacation or a trip when I've looked out my window 'scouting' for buildings that were empty or would make a great haunt...and I'm far from home! LOL

                            Kirk Boemmel
                            Dark Ghost Manor



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                              Those pictures are INCREDIBLE!!! I'm jealous. Nicely done!

                              Also, you know you're a haunter when you need a good blood spatter background pic for a project, and you "just so happen" to have fake blood lying around and a nice white bathtub to spatter up. Just hope you can clean up the mess before the never-exposed-to-haunting roommate comes home. In the middle of that right now...
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                                you know you are a haunter when...

                                All my wife wants for Valentines Day, is for me to NOT say "haunted house" for the whole day, or anything that is "Haunt related", its gonna be tough... i was gonna say its gonna be Hard, but i am practicing not using H words...