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  • update on erik carlson

    Dear Haunt World, I'd first like to say thank you to everyone who has been kind enough to listen to this banter over the past weeks. One of our corporations that we use to own and operate attractions in New England was selling off merchandise - its assets. Confusion came about with Mr. Denley during the selling off process where we admit a mistake on our part in selling a few items that "on paper" did "still" belong, or at least was co-owned by Erik Carlson and Mr. Denley. This situation has been since cleared up peacefully and John and I are on the best of terms, still making deals together to this day.

    Our web company ( which has been in operation for over six years and has supplied thousands and thousands of customers within these years has no affiliation whatsoever to the above situation with Mr. Denley and/or attractions in New England. Like any business - wither you are a contractor, painter, designer or a haunt supplier, "things" do fall between the cracks during the rush of summer into October. I one apologize to any customer who was effected in anyway with lost or merchandise that was not shipped in time this season. We plan to correct such problems for 2007 and grow as we have been for the past years.

    Again, our deepest apologies and we aim to make all of our customers happy and satisfied with their shopping experience with Thank you and Happy Holidays to all!


    Erik Carlson

    Gerard MacNeil
    Vice President

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    From John Denley

    Ok, let me state that this was not confusion on "my" part. An agreement was broken by Mr. Carlson and a default occured when the payment schedule was not adhered to. The resolution of this although peaceful was not easy or inexpensive. There were not a "few" items in question, we are talking "big-money". Even someone who I considered(past tense) a friend bought this merchandise from Eric "knowing" that there was a lean on it. If another friend did not notify me, my assets would be long gone. They are already damaged as they were transported poorly and returned to me in pieces.
    I have incurred well over $20,000 in legal fees over this whole nightmare and I have regained ownership of my assets. I am content with final outcome, I feel justice was served and I wish all a Merry Christmas.
    John Denley
    Visit us at


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      i wouldnt recommend anyone buying from spookyplanet wile erik carlson has anything to do with it.he is a thief and a con artist.oh yeah and i saw his pic on myspace he is like 25 yrs old and looks likes a real winner.great i got ripped off by some kid that is playing bissiness man