Four Large CNC cut projection busts that match the silhouette of the Haunted Mansion singing busts. 4000 lumen projector mounted in a custom made HDPE outdoor enclosure, featuring a solid state video player with the busts video (and audio) singing grim grinning ghosts. This item is shippable WITHOUT the black stand that the busts mount to. Busts projection area is about 7' wide and 40" tall when setup so they can be viewed from a long distance. The projector and CNC bust cutouts could be shipped without the large black stand. $800 for projector with busts. Clearly I do not own the rights to the singing busts video or soundtrack, and this component (video file) is being provided free of charge, without cost and was made up of video files available on YouTube.

Shipping will be extra but should not be more than $100 to most US/Canadian destinations.

If you are a haunted mansion fan, people go wild when they see these singing on the front lawn! Perfect for home haunts or even a pro-haunted house as part of queue line entertainment.

DM me if you are interested please as I might miss a reply here!