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ISO vintage Haunted House videos and books

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  • ISO vintage Haunted House videos and books

    Still looking for some vintage Haunted House videos and books. I am especially looking for:
    - Halloween Productions' Create your own Haunted House part 3 (from '97 I think) drfrightner I know you have been putting some of these up on Youtube but I would love a copy for myself (even if digital)
    - Boneyard Productions Haunted House 4 (also from '97 I think)
    - Terror Syndicate videos 1-5 and sound CDs as well as books 4 and 5
    - Nightscream Productions' How to Haunt part 2 (the early 2000s...2002?)

    What else do you have? I might be interested.

    Also, shipping might be an issue but I am in search of old VP Productions and Eric Princz animations from the mid-90s to early 2000s.