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  • Complete Haunted House For Sale

    For Sale – Operational Haunted House
    After 11 seasons, we have decided to permanently close our haunted house. We started as a hobby business and for enjoyment. We have grown both our attraction and attendance over the years but due to family and career conflicts, we have chosen to make 2021 our final season.

    We are open to two options for sales currently. One for the haunted house business, in its current location with the property, all props, intellectual property, etc. We also are open to selling all contents, intellectual property, etc without the property.


    Our haunted house is located in a town of 5000-6000 per year in central Indiana. We are located about an hour drive from large metropolitan areas. Our attendance has varied between 1000 and 1500 in the past 5 years with minimal advertising efforts. There is growth potential in our market. Our nearest competitor is of comparable size and about 15 miles away.

    We are currently occupying 3300 SqFt with another ~900 SqFt under roof that has been utilized before and could be utilized again.

    We do have a grandfathered Indiana entertainment permit for operating a haunted attraction. It is exempt from the need for a sprinkler system and alarm system. This is tied to the current structure and is not transferable to other structures. This would only be sold if the haunt is purchased with the structure.

    Below will be the contents/property but for everything as it is with the property, we are asking $95,000 but open to offers. We would like to see a haunted house remain in our community so will work with a buyer. We are not interested in a contract sale though. We would be willing to provide assistance and guidance in setting up and operating for the first year if the buyer was interested.


    While this is not a complete list, below are many of the notable things that the buyer will be purchases. Our props currently fill a 3300 SqFt attraction but could easily occupy much more with all that is stored.
    • 1990 Ford Box Truck – 12ft
    • 1988 Chevy Caprice Hearse
    • 16ft Spinning Tunnel (Vortex Style), Operating Outdoors, rings are metal
    • 8ft x 10ft ticket booth – movable, built on skids like the storage sheds that you can buy
    • Probably ~40 walls, of various sizes (2-4ft x 6-8ft) made of a variety of materials
    • 8+ 55 gallon metal drums
    • 4 punching bags
    • Platform with metal grate walkway
    • Clown décor
    • Toxic décor
    • 3D glasses
    • Office type décor (filing cabinets, desks, etc)
    • Lots of black lighting, both conventional florescent tubes and LED
    • Kitchen Décor
      • Pneumatic floating table, been used in kitchen, dining room and séance scenes
      • Antique refrigerator that has inside and back removes. Been used both as a bust-out and a path walk-through.
      • Stove that has glass removed and an air cannon placed inside.
    • 3 – 3x3ft slide floors and 1 – 3x5ft slide floor
    • Hotel Type Decor
      • Metal lighted hotel sign
      • Counter
      • Pneumatic key rack that opens and slams shut on trigger
      • Pneumatic elevator – home-designed and constructed, holds 6-8ppl and we have used continually for 5 years
    • Bedroom items
      • Dresser with back removed and top hinged for bust out.
      • Various things used as beds
      • Various decor
    • Chapel / Church Items
      • 3 church pews
      • Rustic wooden cross
      • Misc décor
    • Approximately 12 large wooden tombstones, 3 dimensional, 4-6ft tall
    • Laser Swamp
      • Lasers and foggers for laser swamp.
      • Wooden walkways that are elevated about 18” off the ground in a zig-zag type pattern.
      • Swamp cabin (7’x3’) with front porch
      • 2 latex alligators
      • Other various décor
    • Alien Décor
    • Pirate Décor
    • Large wooden portrait drop design to look like stacked crates
    • Boiler room type décor
      • Electrical panel with poppers that spark when triggered
    • Medical décor
      • Various items
      • Antique gurney
      • Antique wooden wheelchair
    • Spark counter – Wooden counter with metal top. Hooked to battery to spark. Currently hooked to dulled butcher knife and used both in a butcher shop and medical lab.
    • Living Room Type Décor
      • 2 couches, one hollowed out for actor to hide inside
    • 20’ vinyl claustrophobia bags with California Fire Marshal certification attached
    • 2 Caskets – Both need some repair
    • 3 Wooden Coffins
    • Wooden coffin pneumatic popup
    • 2 Organs – One formal looking, one rustic/saloon looking
    • 2 Arcade games, 1 is claw game that had a pneumatic pop-up
    • Totes of lighting and electric
      • Several power strips with long cords (10-50ft) as these are more easily approved in a haunt than extension cords
    • 3-5 TVs, mostly 24-32”
    • Several MP3 Players, Amps and Speakers
    • 100s of costume items including clothing, masks, accessories
    • 20-30 mannequins and more parts
    • Totes with heads, insects, animals, etc
    • 30+ wine bottles (used for wine cellar room)
    • 12ish foot blow up (tube-man style) skeleton with arrow that says haunted house
    • Swooper type flag and pole that sales haunted house
    • Self-lit (battery powered) sign on wheels that we use for parking
    • Several animatronic type props from places like Spirit Halloween.
    • Chainsaw prop – bought from Transworld show for around $800
    • Misc pneumatic cylinders, valves, controllers, fittings, etc
    • Western Town Decor
      • Life-size skeleton horse
      • Lanterns
      • Waggin Wheels
      • Waggin bust-out scare with feed sacks
    • 15 fire extinguishers
    • Lots of emergency lighting, some older style but most LED. ~25 lights
    • Smoke detectors that can be wired together
    • Glow in the dark exit signs
    • 2 sets of lockers
    • Antique wood stove
    • Lots of graphic designs, music and other intellectual property
    • Lots of small décor items of all types that cannot list them all
    • Facebook page with over 5,600 likes and active following. ONLY INCLUDED IF YOU PLAN TO OPERATE WITHIN 100 MILES OF OUR CURRENT LOCATION
    I have tried to list as many of the major items as I can think of but there is so much that we will continue to add to the list as we come up with things.
    We are more than willing to give you a tour of our current operation and storage areas to view the items for yourself. Also, if you purchase, depending on your location, we may be able to come onsite for 1-3 days to answer any questions that you may have.

    All items will need moved but cannot be moved until after 10/31/2021 as we are operating until then. We can assist some with tear down / carry-out / loading of the items, this will be the primary responsibility of the purchaser. We are unable/unwilling to provide any type of shipping.

    Additionally, at this time, we are not interested in parting out the haunted house. We would like to sell all items together.

    We are asking $25,000 OBO for everything listed above (not real estate). You should have almost everything needed to setup and begin operating. Depending on your structure/layout, you may need some additional walls.

    If you are interested in learning more, please call or text Kegan at 812-699-0628. I prefer text but if you do call and do not get an answer, please leave me a VM. I will try to call you back as soon as possible.