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    I was working at a haunt building animatronics up until CV19 now I am stuck with a skeleton. I tried to replicate the plant monster from little shop of horrors so its pretty close to that but so far all that it is, is the moving frame. I paid for a pumpkin head to be made for it 3 months ago and should be here soon. It has a boo box flex and using all 8 triggers. Extend up, left arm, right arm, tilt forward, head tilt left, head tilt right, jaw and spray. I never did the makeups on the animatronics only the working/moving parts so I much rather sell it, as it is but will try to make it look like a pumpkin creature to the best of my ability if I must. Below is a link to a video of it in action. Taking almost any offer to get it out of my garage. Located in NE Ohio. Thanks.

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