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  • ISO old Haunted House Videos

    Hello, I am in the market for several older Haunted House VHS/DVD/Book/Audio Cassettes. I am open to hearing what is available but I am especially interested in (but not limited to):

    Boneyard Productions:
    How to Run a Haunted House parts 3 and 4
    Foam Carving DVD
    Tower of Terror Audio Cassette

    Halloween Productions:
    How to Create Your Own Haunted House parts 2 and 3

    NightScream Productions:
    How to Haunt parts 1 and 2 (were there more?)
    They had an audio CD as well

    Haunters (2004) -> The older one starring Rich Hanf and Wayne Barneschi

    Rich Hanf DVDs:
    House of the Living Dead 2: More gore 2004
    House of the Living Dead 3

    Monster Mayhem VHSs

    Terror Syndicate Videos

    Distortions Sound CDs (from the early 2000s/late 90s?)

    Terror on Church St/Skull Kingdom/Spookyworld//Terror on the Warf/Horror Hotel/Castle Blood/Darkness/Verdun Manor/KM's Haunted Mansion/other old school haunt video (not already on a Hauntworld Video)

    Any other videos, tapes, books etc that you have I might be interested in. Let me know what you have!

    Ping me here or at coleman <dot> sd <at> g mail <dot> com