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Medical Themed Haunt for Sale

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  • Medical Themed Haunt for Sale

    Owner retired for health reasons.

    Turn-key medically themed haunted house that covers 20,000+ square feet and can be used as one attraction or multiple. The majority of our props are REAL decommissioned equipment from former medical facilities. Such items include health monitors, IV poles, surgery and patient recovery beds, gurneys, wheel chairs, office furniture, ICU baby beds and other laboratory accessories.

    • 300+ steel framed walls with 45 to 270 degree joiners - Our steel framed walls will never need to be replaced, are wrapped in fire-proof black vinyl and are easily reconfigurable; allowing the owner to change haunt layouts between seasons.
    • 100 wood framed hinged walls.
    • Steel bar and frame 40' x 40' cage maze complete with Chauvet strobe lights.
    • Reanimator animatronic, a complete sound system and PA, Vortex tunnel, and custom Keener pin-spot lighting.
    • For actors: Costumes, masks, medical props, and haunter props such as theatrical indoor chainsaws, boom sticks, clown horn-guns, and oversized train horn.
    • The web property and all social media presences.

    A complete inventory of assets available upon request. Majority of assets are stored in three 40’ full-size shipping containers with more delicate items, such as lighting and sound equipment, stored in a climate controlled warehouse.

    Shipping containers INCLUDED in final sale price. Cost of transportation to be handled by purchaser and is not included in final sale price. Equipment located in Northeastern Oklahoma.

    We would be happy to share and discuss additional details or answer any questions you may have. Asking price $75,000. Will entertain serious offers. To contact us email

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    Hello Interested in all, Sending email
    Serious Buyer.
    Aidan P. Finnegan
    Grave Gear Studios

    Specializing in Custom Audio and Music for the babes of the Haunted Attraction Industry!