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FOR IMMEDIATE SALE: Turnkey 3D Haunted Attraction

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  • FOR IMMEDIATE SALE: Turnkey 3D Haunted Attraction

    FOR IMMEDIATE SALE: Turnkey 3D Haunted Attraction

    Asking Price: $75,000 or best offer. Also open to Trades.


    For sale we have Jerkus Circus – a 3D Blacklight Haunted Attraction. This is a “turn-key” haunt – meaning everything is included to build and run this haunted house. Sale Includes 48 Foot Trailer to Haul and Store. This Haunt is designed to be a temporary structure with easy set up and tear down. Comes with Custom Made Vinyl Roof with Steel Trussing.

    Video Walkthrough:

    Additional Photos:

    “A traveling circus from the early 1900’s founded by Carlyle Jerkus Esquire the 3rd. In its hay-day, the circus was renowned as the best traveling circus.

    Following the Great Depression the circus was on its last leg so the founder made a deal with the Devil for fame and fortune. But Carlyle did not agree with his terms.
    When Carlyle went against the devil’s agreement, the Jerkus family was then cursed to travel from house to house collecting the souls of children in a Cavalcade of Horror.
    Now witness the Horror in 3D as the Jerkus Circus arrives at Tagsylvania.”


    • 48’ Semi Trailer Included for easy pick up
    • Entire attraction fits inside one Trailer

    • 1696 Square Feet

    • Completely Modular Haunt

    • Designed to be temporary Structure. Easy to put up and take down (approx. 2 days assembly)

    • Every Wall Panel is Labeled for easy construction.

    • 125+ Painted 4’ x 8’ Wall Panels
    • Painted with Fire Fly Brand 3D Chromadepth Black Light Reactive Paint
    • Combination of large clown horror Murals and clown themed rooms

    • Roof converted from 150’ x 100’ industrial event tent included with custom made trussing

    • (11) Complete Circus Scenes

    • (2) Fright Props Air Cannons with sensors

    • (1) Jack in the Box Pneumatic Prop

    • (1) Shaking Barrel Pneumatic Prop

    • Fully Programed Custom Normal light to Black Light Scene

    Controlled by picoboo controller
    Air Brush Painted with Fire Fly invisible blacklight paint

    • (3) Static Clown Props

    • (6) Custom Made Fun House Mirrors

    • (1) Giggles the Clown Shaking Prop

    • (16) room Stripe Maze

    • (6) Custom 3D painted Crates

    • (1) ABC Dropdown Actor Scare

    • (16) 55 Gallon Barrels 3D Painted

    • (2) Large Industrial Black Lights

    • (1) Blacklight Cannon

    • (4) Fluorescent Fixtures with Blacklights

    • (12) Standard Black Light Fixtures

    • Front Facade with Custom Painted Pallets, Decimated Designs Giant Clown Head, 5 Custom Printed Vinyl Banners, Custom Made Metal Marquee Lighted Flickering Sign

    • Distortions Unlimited “Goreliath” Painted with invisible Blacklight Paint

    • American DJ Deluxe Laser

    • Audio: 1 Power Amp Receiver, 6 Mini Speakers, MP3 Player with Midnight Syndicate Haunted Circus Soundtrack Loaded

    • Logo, Web Graphics for advertising usage

    • Map with labeled wall panels, Electric Diagram Labeled by zone to distribute amp load, Pneumatic Diagram for air powered props

    • Emergency Lights and Emergency/Exit Signage


    For more information contact: Jesse 607-425-8400 |

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