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Trailer Haunt for sale walkthrough video and pics.

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  • Trailer Haunt for sale walkthrough video and pics.

    Here is the walkthrough video of the trailer haunt for sale. I had a few problems walking through the house when it was open. The electric chair strobe caused a rolling shutter effect and the strobe for the screaming woman in the chair was not working. The video came out way darker than what it actually is in the haunt but you should get a pretty good idea of how things work. I tried to cover as much as I could without making the video too long but it is still around an hour. I said in the video that I would show a couple pics of the inside framing and a shot of the trailers being setup, I forgot to insert them in the video so I will add them to this post. I already have a couple haunts coming up to see the haunt in person which I would suggest to anyone interested. If you are interested in coming to take a closer look please contact me at The asking price for the haunt is $95,000.00 and $18,000.00 for the Terror simulator. The haunt will go to the highest offer I get. I will be available at any time to the person that buys the haunt for any technical questions and any help with setup next season. The person that buys the haunt will have first chance at purchasing the simulator also. I would prefer to sell them together but will separate them if the person buying the haunt doesn’t want both. Any questions can be posted here, I will check the forum daily and respond as quick as I can. The haunt is open Fri. and Sat. until Oct. 27th but I am available to show it during the week also. Thanks!!!

    Here are the pics I mention in the video.
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    very nice I so want these trailer just out of my budget. I just finish my 1st of 8 "poor man" 48ft enclosed gooseneck trailer Scare on Wheels walk thru. I win the lottery I'm buying yours thanks.


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      Just wanted to answer some of the same questions I have been getting about the haunt.
      The Terror simulator is a fully functioning vehicle. When the front screens and window coverings are stored in the back of the vehicle, you can drive it just like any other vehicle. You donít need a special license to drive it, it is under the passenger capacity so just a regular drivers license is all you need.
      The haunt takes about two days to set up on site and about a day to take down.
      I always set up 2 weeks prior to opening so I have one week for testing and one Sat. night for actors and workers to test run the house.
      The haunt is plug and play, everything you need to set it up and run it is included with the exception of the following items you may need to rent.
      1. Generator.
      2. Fence and crowd barriers.
      3. Bathrooms.
      4. Parking lot or other suitable location.
      5. Any permits and insurance your jurisdiction may require.
      6. Actors. (I donít think you can rent them though.)
      All sound samples, instructions for controllers, spare controllers and misc. items needed to operate the haunt are included.
      If the buyer is going to use the projection on the first trailer, I am available to design any scenes they want at no charge.
      A copy of our emergency plan of action will be included and advise on obtaining all necessary permits to open will be available.
      If requested, I will travel to help with setup of the haunt and also be available for any technical questions at any time at no charge.
      I have had a couple interested parties come and see the haunt in person which I highly recommend. This trailer haunt really needs to be seen in person.

      Thanks to everyone that has contacted me so farÖ


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        I have had some requests for the layout of the haunt, so I am just going to post a pic here.
        Hope this helps.
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