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Poison Props Skelly Terror - Like New $1800 (purchased new in 2016)

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  • Poison Props Skelly Terror - Like New $1800 (purchased new in 2016)

    Like new Skelly Terror from Poison Props located in Daphne, AL (36526). I purchased this new in 2016, used it 2 nights (Halloween night 2016 & 2017). Might consider trades but would rather sell unless you have a Poison Werewolf Bush Lunger.

    video here @ 35 second mark:
    pics can be viewed here:

    $1800 - would rather not ship but will if needed (you get quote and arrange pickup, I will pallet and package)

    John Cowan

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    Hey John!

    Been a few years since I made trip to your place. If someone snags this before Jan. oh well. But would love to come back down again and work you into a prop swap tour.

    Wicked Farmer


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      Hello sir, good to hear from you. I have been MIA from the forum for the past couple of years. I have tried to downsize my footprint. I have less and less time every year to build my display / walk through. I don't have many big animated props anymore. This is one of my last pneumatic props. I have a load of Distortion characters, I seem to buy more from them every year (easier to store in my limited space).

      I hope business is good and that you are ready to have a great season!


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        Skelly Terror SOLD