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Animations, Coffin Rides and Paintball Attraction

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  • Animations, Coffin Rides and Paintball Attraction

    Who needs some last minute props for this season?! Here is our latest item list! We've sold through much of our list, but added a few more goodies below... We will make deals for lots. Only serious inquiries :-)
    Prices are listed below.

    Ask for pictures or videos on anything!
    Full Zombie Paintball Attraction
    Need a last minute add on attraction for this season?

    This is the real deal - Was used for 2 seasons and was extremely profitable and had great reviews. The scream park is just changing it up as they have many repeat customers.
    Comes with:
    - 2 giant paintball trailers with 20 guns per side - current set up is with 20 guns on one side as the attraction was set up for this.
    - The trailers are 8 feet wide and 36 feet long.
    - Trailers have overhead lighting and side lighting. This makes it easy for folks to get on and off and see what they are shooting.
    - Includes all the air fittings/regulators
    - Includes all guns, lots of extra parts for guns, speed load tubes to refill quickly.
    - Includes masks/gloves/armor for 15 actors and extras for those actors.
    - Owner is also willing to give you as much time as needed to help you while putting the attraction together.
    Price - $20,000 for entire lot.
    New - One of these trailers new is $18,500 - you get 2 trailers, all the guns, the costumes, etc with this lot.
    Location - MO
    Custom Coffin Ride (different theme)
    Great Motion
    Condition – Really Good
    Price - $1850
    New - $4000
    Location - NY
    Custom Made Needle Pit Animation
    Info – Body tries to climb out of a pit full of needles
    Condition - Good
    Price - $750
    New - $2700
    Location - CT
    Pale Night Zombie Attack
    Link -
    Condition: Really Good
    Price - Make Offer
    New - $3700
    Location - MO
    3d Canvas Wall Panels (CANVAS SOLD - WOODEN ONES LEFT)
    Assorted Varieties – some from Nevermore, some various
    90 feet worth in length.. various size panels some 4 by 8’s , some 8 by 8s, etc.
    Price - Make Offer
    Location - CT
    Standard Medical Beds
    Three Beds
    Condition – Good
    Price - Make Offer
    Location - CT


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