Hey All!...

I have an old (never used) Douglas Fir unit available if anyonez interested.
Remember theeze? You bought them to make custom talking skullz from a bucky skull. There were two types, one with just pre recorded Christmas junk in it and one RARE one that came with a casette tape & input option. Itz just too weird to have a skull singing christmas songz so everyone wanted the one you could program... Thatz what I have for you!

Buckys Boneyard has an article on making the conversion. Check it out here: http://anatomical.com/barticle.asp?A...&SUB_CAT_NBR=0

Man thoze eyez are totally creepy! :shock:

This makes a great & cheap option to the $1,000 talking skullz. Not as elegant but a good filler.

Make me a quick offer & itz yurz.