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Dark Ride for sale... (Discount..)

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  • Dark Ride for sale... (Discount..)

    Hello All,

    Fables has worked with Sally corp to build/install the Justice League ride for Six Flags Great America. Here is a ride through.

    We are looking to create a entry lvl dark ride. If you have ever thought about adding one to your location feel free to reach out to us so we can create a custom quote for you.

    Here is a quick shot of a cart. These can be themed/painted to match your design.
    carts side.jpgCart Front.jpg

    Or we can refurbish an old one for you and build the attraction around it.
    Here is a photo of some fiberglass refurbishing we did for a theme park.

    We love the idea of creating a haunted dark ride that looks like an old vintage dark ride. Its starts like normal with pop up animatronics, audio, lighting and twists. About half way through the props are now the distraction and we integrate actors as the main scares. The end is where it gets fun!! The cart breaks down and the customers need to then walk the rest of the way to escape the (Monsters, killers, etc..). We realize that this design and price point is not for everyone, but if you have ever thought about it. Please reach out to me. Lets work something out!!!

    Prices range from $125,000 (using an old cart system) to 4-6+ million (Most theme park versions start around 14-20 million)

    Peter T
    Fables Studios
    Your Home For Horror

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    a couple questions..

    Heres a couple questions I can answer..

    Can we put them outside? Yes they can go outside.

    What do they run on? 220V is needed for this.

    Does it have to be scary? No they do not need to be horror themed. They can be anything from whimsical pumpkin patch to an educational ride through Egypt for a museum.

    Can they be designed to be mobile or permanent? Yes and yes.

    How many carts come with your system? We can add as many as needed for your throughput, foot print and budget.

    Can you add shooting to it? Yes

    Can you add 3d to it? Yes

    Can you add movement to the carts? Yes

    How big of a foot print do I need? We custom design these for your location so no foot print is to small or large. (We suggest at-lest 5,000 sqft)

    I have a small space, how can you design a show worth riding? We can create a stop and go show which allows for more interaction but less foot print needed.

    How many people per cart? We have carts that hold 2,4 and 6 riders at once. Plus we can tie multiple carts together to double or triple throughput.

    There are so many questions I can try to answer on here, but if you are interested, please reach out to me.

    I look forward to talking to you about your idea!!

    Peter T
    Fables Studios
    Your Home For Horror