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Oneail FX RIPd Silicone Mask

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  • Oneail FX RIPd Silicone Mask

    Retails for $360+ Shipping

    $300 Shipped inside US.
    No head form
    Shipped via 2 day priority from USPS to USA only.
    Bought at Transworld.
    Tried on 3 times, two different people. Cleaned once.
    I have huge head, doesn't fit me as well as I'd like So I decided I needed to sell this one as opposed to our other masks to help pay for unexpected expenses.
    My pic makes it look weird but I didn't want to put it back on a display just to photo it when a stock photo shows it just fine. I don't want to chance damaging it since it's up for sale.

    Paypal is

    RIPD 1.jpgRIPD 2.jpg
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