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"Hells Bench" from old House of Shadows haunt set

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  • Kelly Anderson
    pic of bench in action

    hells bench.JPG

    pic of bench in action.

    Everything of the bench you can visually see in this pic has been removed and discarded. What I have left is the frame structure, the three pivot sections that bolt to the floor, and the two air cylinders to roll the bench back and back up again. I welded up the bench system in shop and then moved out onto set as just a frame. The rest of the bench that the patron sat on and the rest of the room was then built around the bench frame.

    Like wise when the bench frame came out of the room... the room (and bench) was virtually completely dismantled in order to remove the frame.


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  • "Hells Bench" from old House of Shadows haunt set

    Hey guys and galls. Haven't done much in the haunt I was affiliated with (House of Shadows in Sparta WI) in a few years and shut down my online businesses and Halloween Undercroft officially last year. Always appreciate everything this industry did for me and the small bit I was able to do for it! I had another login here on the forum but was unable to access through it... But yes I'm the same guy! lol

    If any recall my posts from several years ago regarding the haunt room I did called "Hells Bench" where I was able to sit an entire group on the bench and tilt them onto their backs (I did this pneumatically), I have this bench setup I'm looking to part ways with. It was built to last! All steel square tubing, heavy greasable pivot points that securely mount the bench frame structure to the floor, two pneumatic air cylinders. I could cut it apart and use for scrap but hate to do it if someone else could find a use for this! This was such a great room for our haunt and had a really great time building this with friends and my nephew who actually treated that room build as his senior class project that year.. So would really love to see this make its way back into another haunt!

    Not looking to get rich off of it by any means but would kindly take an offer. I'm located in Sparta Wisconsin. I will try and find a picture of the bench/room and post hear shortly.

    The entire bench is about 12 ft long. Its probably 4ft deep when reclined.. although how I used it I needed space in front of it for the actual room and several feet behind it for actors. I had a small control room built out in front of the bench for an actor to operate the room from which was hidden from view by an air grille.. but the actor could see out... was actually pretty awesome!! lol

    Feel free to ask any questions here or call my cell 507-272-9761