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Cross Promotion with your Competition

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  • Cross Promotion with your Competition

    Currently I'm spit balling ideas amongst my fellow haunt crew members in regards to advertising. And one idea I'm hoping to gain more insight on, is cross promotion with another haunt that is located a couple counties over. What are you're personal thoughts of the concept of cross promotion with a second haunt within the same general area as your own?

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    In theory...

    I love theory. But in practice I've seen it fall apart more often than it works. Mainly due to other haunts being greedy, playing favorites, etc. If you really know the other haunt(s), and you feel they can be trusted (and YOU can be trusted), and you are both gaining equally, and putting in the same effort to the promotion, then it could be great. Just keep your eyes and ears open to make sure it is working.
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      Have tried to do that for years...

      Most times I have to say it fell short of expectations. There is a well known haunt (in our are they are well known) 1 hour south of me. Approached them about cross promoting years ago. Put up our poster and had a few flyers though they did not really KNOW us....and did not want to risk ticking off THEIR customers by sending them to a poor haunt. Well.....seems thwey heard people in line talking about the poster. "Yeah we just came from was great' They heard that a lot. Now we do a lot of cross promoting. But I can list several others we tried it with that really didn't pan out. Give it a shot. Ronald Reagan when dealing with Soviets had a saying 'Trust..but verify". Good policy.

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        I think it depends on how much money each haunt is charging. If you're both charging 10 bucks then go for it. If most people are only visiting one haunted house try to keep them in your corner year after year. Why expose them to a haunt they may like better or not at all. You never know.