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Keeping cool with a mask

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  • Keeping cool with a mask

    I'm fairly new in the industry. Last year my actors that wore masks were super hot. Is there anything you prefer to wear to keep cool with a mask on?

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    There are a couple methods I try to employ when it comes to controlling temperature while wearing a mask. First, safest, and foremost is adequate hydration. Whether it be a bottle of water stored secretly away in my given scene that I can quickly take a gulp of, or a camelbak pouch that I discreetly take a swig of in between groups. It is the best method I find that keeps me both somewhat cool and physically running throughout the night. The second being ventilation. If you're indoors, you can only do so much to keep yourself cool; artificially speaking. The use of AC and fans will help, but are not always available. So what I do to help compensate for this is cut holes into my mask. Several small ones in the deep recesses of my mask to give myself some airflow. Around the eyes, around the mouth where the cheeks meet, and behind the ears. Anywhere I can that'll conceal dark areas with the natural grooves of the face. A third option, if you're willing to put the money into it, and test its effectiveness yourself, is wear a "cold pack vest". Also called a "cooling vest" or "ice vest". It's basically a vest, covered in freezing gel packs that you can wear underneath your costume. Which sounds well enough, but of course this has its drawbacks. It's costly from what I've briefly browsed online, and from what I've heard second hand, only lasts for so long before the cooling sensation wears off. But no matter what method you use: I cannot recommend chilled water highly enough.


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      I know nothing about this product as I have had NO first hand experience with it, though Oneail Fx Studios offers a product called; Cool Cap - under mask cooling system. It is listed on the Oneail Fx Studios website and it does seem to be quite affordable.


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        I know several haunts that started with masks, but then ended up switching to makeup instead, in part because of the heat factor.