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Do most haunts use black lights?

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  • Do most haunts use black lights?

    Is it safe to assume that almost every haunt will have at a least one room that is a dark room with only black lights in it?

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    We have a couple of rooms like that in our haunt.

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      I usually try to refrain unless it has to do with a particular effect. Last year the toxic waste room had a blacklight... before then not really...I think maybe the you factory year a few seasons ago was the last time.

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        I would say yes, most years we will use black lights at least in one or two areas but only for a particular effect we are trying to achieve.


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          Black light or UV reactive masks and decor items

          Would UV/Black light reactive decor items and masks be valuable in haunted houses? See attached. We are fabricating a whole new line and would like your thoughts.

          Advert UV 600 x 600.jpg


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            Man UV haunts to me are the stuff. My personal, unprofessional, probably biased opinion. I donít know about all guests but I went through one of those 3D UV haunts and I felt like I had to puke after. The colors pop and the loud sounds and you canít get a good depth perception going on. The wall looks 9 foot away because the black light and 3D paints pop BUT in reality the wall is like a foot from you. It messes with you on a mental level.