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  • Distorations/ ScareFactory / others. Props and Animations

    Cleaning up to make room have never really sold anything in 26 years of pro haunting as we unload the semi trailers we totally went over every thing fixed or replaced anything to make them like factory new again. Most have updated controllers. New triggers. Laser sensors step pads costumes paint wood blood sound speakers. New fog machines new heads from GhostRide all like new or better A lot of them fully restored and stuff added stripped down and redone like the car shows on tv. I figured keep the guys busy a little in winter fix 💯 try to sell some and what we don't sell fit into 2017 shows or pack back up but not put back broken or if it's not like new. All stuff is well taken care of smaller stuff and all controllers etc it there own waterproof tubs Most of the scareFactory stuff is very tough well built older stuff from there first years in business when Scare Factory was #1. Thick steel proper welds etc. and no I haven't run into any unit 70 stuff yet everyone is asking. Just buy the old restored stuff from me from Scare Factory its older stuff from when the guys that run unit 70 used to work for Scare Factory. Also a few old classics Distorations Unlimited things no one builds stuff as tough as this old distorations stuff. Also a few other pieces from other and some unknown. You can pick up I am near Cleveland Ohio. I can Ship. I will build a crate and ship to you. Or I can possibly deliver if you bought a few things or if you on my way in upcoming travels.
    Derek. 440-610-6688.

    Distorations Unlimited

    Evil Doll on Box ( old one Air and Electric music plays she stands up head spins from nice to mean and screams added strobe light and air Connon ) $3000 OBO

    Distorations Unlimited

    Flying Witch. ( flys up to 10+ feet cracking witch launches with a burst of smoke and blast of energy new fog machine big guitar amp new controller) $2000 OBO

    Distorations Unlimited
    Dr Shock ( very cool heavy and well built Steel base cabinet to hold all new controls fiberglass plastic body. Head moves side to side as ambience sounds play when triggered by new laser sensor hand moves down with big needle stabbing head as water and air shoots out of head at you guests. And he screams. New costume new gostride head new amp speaker new water sprayer new controller etc 3700 OBO

    Fright Props

    Exploding Fuse Box ( with whit motion sensor. Installed new firecrackers. Air and electric. Works great $450 OBO

    Ankle Blaster ( bran New never used comes with picoBoo and black motion trigger air Connon $225 OBO

    Air Whips ( like new comes with brand New picoBoo and black motion trigger $300 OBO

    Scare Factory

    Tombstone Jumper ( skeleton sits on ground in front of big tombstone when triggered jumps up in 1/10 of a second. Great scare new controller big 18x24 step pad CHR2007. $1600 OBO

    The Corpsepult 11 (character in wooden coffin fires from prone to standing position new gostride head new costume new controller new springs new big 18x24 step mat. $2400 OBO

    2 different ChairOlators ( lever action propels ghoul from sitting position 8ft up and over you patrons heads. New hands new suits new sheet covers new controllers. FRN610 Two to chose from $2500 OBO each

    Hangman Kicker ( hanging pneumatic Kicker kicks and thrashes when activated new suits new hands New gostride head new rope new controller. CHR901 $1600 OBO

    Shredded Kicker. ( hanging pneumatic Kicker kicks and thrashes when activated. New guts new perma blood new controller same one used on the implayer Great prop CHR903. $1600 OBO

    16 foot leaper. (. Impressive prop. 6 ft 6 in posable Skeleton leaps from a standing position to fly threw the air only to come back down directly in front of your guests a dramatic effect. Big cylinder heavy steel built tough barrings new controller. CHR202 $ 3500 OBO

    Thrashing Coffin ( chained clapboard Coffin lid violently thrashes up and down as Coffin moves side to side well built a lot of steel new springs new controls new black motion trigger COF921 $1600 OBO

    Male Skelerector ( Skelerectors are gags that spring a character from a folding height of 9 inches to a standing height of 6 feet in less than 1/10 of a second. Great scare can use any where. New costume new controller new springs COF921. . $1600 OBO

    Walking Dead Be Headed. ( just the body man holding his own cut off head great shape great detail new suit new perma blood $400 OBO

    Dancing Bride and groom. ( made using two Scare Factory top of line skeletons $1350 each both sit on ball bearings base new FrightProps motor and picovolt controller wedding dress and tux burnt and detailed. They move back and forth and then he spins her round and round can be easily reprogrammed to you liking and trigger added Great eye candy. $2000 OBO

    Dropping Spider. (. Heavy duty steel mech brand new bid harry spider includes motion sensor. $450 OBO

    2 GEP Air Connons ( big Blaster. Loud noises and huge airflow $200. Each

    GEP Bully Blaster ( air horns with big tank low air consumption startling sounds $300

    20 ft Flame Connon. Like new only used a few times purchased for George Master for 899. Out door use Only Propane comes with wireless remote very impressive big flame and loud blast just hook up propane and go $500 OBO

    Wheel Barrow Scare ( like new great actor opperated Scare great for que line entertainment. Made using commercial grade wheelbarrow has trigger on handle when squired monster pops up from under burlap in wheelbarrow. Spring activated just push down monster to reset Skeleton- monster in great shape $500 OBO

    Count Grabula actor puppet (. Like new in original box great detail made by Wayne Toth Ex Morris. Harness fits on actor hand control for head movements. Original payed 1500 +. $500 OBO

    I have a few more things to dig out yet. No unit 70 If any interest. I found a whole semi trailer of the old Creagan company anamations. All electric some air and electric Many many different characters from every holiday lots of Halloween. Christmas. Easter will list soon if interest
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