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    For sale is a custom made elevator by Keen Designs Inc. Elevator was installed in 2012 and has been in use since. The elevator itself inside diameter is 94" x 91". The following comes with the unit and I will explain details.

    4- Ceiling Speakers / One in each corner on top of the elevator facing down. The face of the speakers are hidden by a grate inside the elevator. This is where the custom audio track and sound fx plays.

    1- Ceiling Subwoofer/ Centered on top of the elevator facing down. Face of speaker is hidden by a grate in the middle of the ceiling. The subwoofer reproduces the very low bass frequencies in the sound track.

    1- Scent Fan/ The scent fan is inside the grate where the subwoofer is located. At this moment is goes off during track play and creates a burnt oil smell, but can be changed to any smell you want.

    2- 12V Oval industrial lights. These lights are mounted inside the elevator. When the ride starts they starts flickering and a certain point go off. You can program them anyway you want.

    1- Fog Machine/ The fog machine is located on top of the elevator. It has 4 seperate tubes going to each grate in the corners of the elevator (same grates the sound track/ fx goes through) When the ride calls for fog the machine pumps it by fan to each grate.

    1- Air Tank/ Located on top of the elevator. This is a 6 gallon tank and controls the (4) air bags under the elevator floor which creates the movement. Also operates the pneumatic ram which opens and closes the elevator doors.

    4- Air Bags/ Under elevator floor which is metal not wood.

    1- Pneumatic Ram/ Opens and closes the doors

    1- Scrolling Brick Window/ This brick window is seen by the riders inside the elevator and is protected by a metal grate. When riders are loading into the elevator it is stationary. As the ride starts the brick window starts moving to resemble a downward movement. We have it set up to go faster as the elevator falls. You can program it to do anything you want.

    Located in the control box is
    1- Samson Servo Power Amplifier.

    1- 12v Amplifier.

    1- EZ8 controller.

    Assortment of fittings, air lines etc.
    Assortment of lights outside of the elevator.

    I can email you a video and pictures upon request. Asking price is $11,000.00 OBO. Motivated seller. Need to make room for another scene. It is currently set up and can been viewed if your in the area. We will be at the haunt show in STL in March. We are only 2 hours south of St. Louis.

    *NOTE* The elevator can be re-programmed to do anything you want it to. More violent, less violent, change the audio, change the scent, change the fog, change the lighting. You can customize it to meet your needs by the EZ8 controller.

    - Link to video if prompted for a password its taylor1
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