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Old Crate Spider from Dark Raven 2010 Transworld

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  • Old Crate Spider from Dark Raven 2010 Transworld

    Looking for anyone that can locate one or two of these spiders originally sold by Dark Raven. If anyone knows who currently has the molds or has any for sale I'm interested, can be the static or animated whatever is out there.

    Crate Spider

    Waiting for the photo to upload or get clearance in my folder will then post it here, those of you that saw it will remember, blackish with yellow or red markings.

    Try this link to Google images

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    Nevermore Productions

    Riley Cameron of Nevermore Productions is still producing these I believe. He was with Dark Raven before splitting up a couple years ago and started his own production company. They're the ones that create those awesome mannequins too!

    Check out
    Zach Wiechmann


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      Thanks Zach! Those are they.