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  • Halloween Props Decor Decorations Haunted Mansion Life Size Monsters

    Hello I had a Halloween party and am now getting rid of many props and decorations. A lot of life-size pieces including a screen used movie prop from the Haunted Mansion in 2003(featuring Eddie Murphy)

    The following items are all for sale.

    One (1) Life Size Giant Movie Prop Gargoyle which was a movie prop from the 2003 Disney Film the Haunted Mansion starring Eddie Murphy. It's about 6ft tall by 2.5 ft wide. This was a screen used movie prop and featured at the entrance of the Haunted Mansion. It is made of fiber glass and paper mache. Has some damage as the paper mache is detaching on the back, it's rear, and arms. Overall though looks pretty impressive and is large prop. It came from 20th Century Props(which is out of business now) in California, and was valued at $2,500.00 and would rent out for $250.00 per day from the prop house. ASKING $750.00 for it.

    One (1) Night Frights Ghost Bust with projector & DVD with routines ASKING $900.00-SOLD

    One (1) Life Size Gag Studios Zombie Corpse Prop-realistic taxidermy eye, poly foam construction, half body, Made in USA. -ASKING $65.00

    One (1) Death Bride(New & Unused still in box) ASKING $90.00

    One (1) Life Sized Gag Studios Mummy(broken hand) & one (1) LIfe Sized Gag Studios Vampire-I'm not sure if I am selling these yet but if you are interested please let me know-thanks.

    One (1) Life Size Bucky Skeletons. Adult size anatomical 4th quality bucky skeletons are 5 ft 6 inches and weight roughly 20 lbs, the legs, arms are jointed and can be removed. Please note: 4th quality skeletons have imperfections, discolorations, missing some hardware here and there(pins, nuts, bolts, etc) unfinished, broken ribs, etc. For example one doesn't have the neck bones and another is missing the pin holding the arm or leg bones in place. Also please note the skeletons don't come with any clothes. I just clothes on them for the party. UPDATE FIVE (5) SOLD & ONE (1) LEFT ASKING $85.00

    One (1) Life Size Loose Bucky Skeleton that is basically taken apart. He didn't come with much hardware to hold together as he was a loose piece(arms, legs, skull, ribcage, etc are all separated) Comes full body just missing it's hardware like bolts, nuts, & pins to hold it together. You can look for replacement parts at Home Depot or something. UPATED-SOLD

    Fifteen (15) tombstones in various sizes-ASKING $50.00 for all of them.

    Two (2) Odyssey Aqua Effect Flowmotion 2 Machines-4 selectable colors, medium beam coverage, 12V 100W bulb, compact & lightweight, sound active, plug & play UPDATED-BOTH SOLD

    Misc Halloween Decorations, five (5) string lights, three (3) unused cobwebs, four (4) stuffed animals, six (6) small 12 inch hanging skeletons, four (4) small fake pumpkins, three (3) skeleton garlands, one (1) skull garland, one (1) 2 ft hanging pumpkin reaper, one (1) 1.5 ft hanging ghost, one (1) 12 ft Nylon Spider Web, misc unused serving trays, misc unused serving bowls, unused jack o lantern buckets, unused two (2) skull bags, one (1) pirates of caribbean crossbones, two (2) crow statues(please note one of them is damaged on the beak), two (2) life size pirate skull foam heads, two (2) 36 inch posable skeletons(cracked hip on one skeleton), 2 ft coffin with a smaller coffin inside, other misc stuff. Please note the giant spider was just damaged so I removed him from the auction. ASKING $60.00

    Disney Haunted Mansion Gargoyle Candelabra Limited Edition Sold Out
    I have two of these for sale: ASKNG $60.00 each

    These are all for local pick up in Southern California(Porter Ranch area) I can look into shipping costs for some of the smaller items if you wish.
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