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After season props for sale - scarefactory, distortions, and more

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  • After season props for sale - scarefactory, distortions, and more

    I am selling a lot of props now that season is over to make room for new props

    1. scarefactory skull arch ways (4 of them)
    2. scarefactory skull walls
    3. scarefactory static skeletons (2)
    4. distortions static skeltons (3)
    5. distortions bolt
    6. distortions jolt
    7. ghost ride life size girl hanging tortured
    8. ghost ride tortured full body girl
    9. ghost ride rotted pig (5)
    10. ghost ride rotted goat

    PM ME offers on above items if interested - all bough brand new this season

    may also consider selling haunt as whole - other items not for sale individual but may consider selling as whole:

    250 flame retarded walls
    several other scarefactory items - animated bats, feasting tables, chair ghosts
    misc props from morris/ bodys/ camo netting

    pick up Pittsburgh haunt still set up

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    Please post links to pictures of what you're trying to sell and prices.
    Fright In Falcon Haunted Maze


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      Any photos or info available?
      Maybe we can communicate via email - I dont know that the PM system is actually working for me on this forum.


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        I sent you a private message
        Pls check your mailbox


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          Has anyone heard back on at all?


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            He responded to us two weeks ago. But still hasn't sent any pictures or prices after multiple messages to him. He told us then that there was tons of interest and that he would get back to us. But still nothing.