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Automated and animated photobooth for sale!

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  • zombietoxin
    A couple more pics.
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  • zombietoxin
    started a topic Automated and animated photobooth for sale!

    Automated and animated photobooth for sale!

    We custom built a photobooth for our haunt 2 years ago and its time to replace it with something fresh so we're selling it.

    I can't tell you how AWESOME this is for advertising your haunt!!! Seriously popular with our guests!

    The customer just gets in (can hold 4 pretty easily, but I've seen 8 in there without concern over breaking anything!), presses the lit start button and the photo session starts. It takes 4 photos in total and the first two are just normal, but right before the third photo is taken a secret panel drops behind them and a zombie attacks! The reactions are genuine and priceless! Just look at our FB photos and tell me they don't LOVE it!

    We set it out for free use because it uploads all the images automatically to your Facebook or Twitter or just about any social media sight AUTOMATICALLY on the fly or later if you don't have an internet connection available at that place. NO ATTENDANT REQUIRED!

    The customer has to go to your media place to view and share their photos which are customized with your logo right on them!

    One button operation
    Super reliable, fully licensed commercial photobooth software by (Lots and lots of options)
    Steel frame for strength with FRP panel sides for weight saving. About 500lb all together.
    Win 7 PC with license
    32" color monitor
    Picoboo Plus Controller
    2 Motion animation- 1. Panel drop, 2. Zombie leans out with his hands just palming the customers heads (head and hands by ghost ride)
    It does have wheels, but they are for moving during storage really, and are not firmly attached.
    It is approximately 68" long, 42" wide and 80" high, about 500lbs. It does unbolt in the middle to be broke down for easier transportation or moving through small doors.
    It can have ambient attract sounds or music and has zombie attack sounds.
    It has an air pressure regulator.
    Requires 100psi air, 110V power and a cat5 connection.

    We have used it for 2 years and is complete and working.
    Again , I love this thing and so do our customers- it's just time for something new!
    Obviously the haunt name graphics should be changed or covered. We can do that for an additional charge.

    Selling this one used for $2500. Give me a call- Rob @ 785-761-5107
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