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What stores promote haunted houses/attractions?

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  • What stores promote haunted houses/attractions?

    I'm working for a haunted house/attraction Museum of Fear at Athens Brewing Co & I'm trying to spread out flyers to many different stores around Dallas/DFW/Tyler Area,I know this year is a bit harder since Spirit Halloween in some cities aren't promoting as much as they normally would,So my question is what other stores promote or take flyers? I've gave the comic shops,Spirit took it for their break room & Wally's party factory & one Starbucks has a local board for everyone to put up flyers & events.
    Thank you!

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    MOST of your gas stations will either say "No, sorry" or "yeah sure" but will be gone the next day.
    Gas stations we've experienced with this: Murpheys, Kum & Go, Flash Market, and a Jordan's.

    What I would try is all the smaller shops that aren't big corporations. Target things like Hair Salons / Barbers. Costume stores of course. Hays and other small grocers. Small gas stations may go for it. Smaller movie theaters. Go kart places.

    What I suggest is, get in contact with the managers and ask them. See if they'll swap the door space for a few free tickets. (Mark your tickets btw, we think we've gotten a "copy" / fake) Also, COUNTERSPACE! We are now putting flyers on the counter spaces as folks check out.

    Our local Spirit stores always put flyers on their door, and loose flyers / cards on their counters.


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      You need sponsors that are dedicated to just you! Hire a sponsorship person to help you in your market.

      Larry Kirchner


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        Some alternative style corporate stores like Spencer's may be willing to display your poster/handouts. Whenever I visit the mall in October and walk through the Spencer's store to see their hallo-wares, I always catch a glimpse of 1 or 2 haunt adverts on the corkboard by the entrance. Hot Topic, although one would think they'd be a good place to promote, have gotten very corporate in recent years and most likely will brush you off.

        Local mom n' pop and food shops are a good place to do some cross promotion. Talk to the manager(s) and discuss placing posters/coupon deals of their business at your ticket booth in return for promoting your haunt in some way. Forming healthy relations with these businesses and promoting them would not only be good in regards to getting word of mouth going on your haunt, but also help your community of locally owned stores stay open and running.

        If there are any in your area, colleges also provide a good place to promote. More often than not you'll have to get permission from someone in their offices to put up any posters on their boards. It's to help protect the students from possible scams. Distributing handouts outside the buildings to students is also an option. Although tempting, having someone in character or in any face concealing garb/make up would be too risky and not worth a run in with the police.


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          There are four Halloween stores in our town during Sept/Oct... All four of them let us leave piles of fliers in their stores for people to take. Three of the four also post our fliers in their store, or on the front door. Beyond fliers, it is typically easy to get some press coverage for free. As you are a brewery putting on a haunted event, I'm fairly certain that would be the case for you. I'll even write the headline of the press release for you: Athens Brewing Co creates different kind of "spirits" during October.


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            Spirit Halloween refused to let us put flyers out at their location. They also told the other local haunt this. They have always let us, but they said their district manager said NO haunts are allowed to put up posters or add flyers this year. I don't know what happened to cause this.


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              Try places where you get your props of you buy local. If you get stuff from a Goodwill or an antiqshop try it. You spent money with them so surely they'd help you out. Colleges. Find out how to put posters out at the colleges. College kids will come out. Try other little small businesses. Also if you don't have it start a Facebook fan page and it can run all year and post haunt season leading up to the next one you can post teaser pictures of new things.


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                Have you considered swapping flyers with other haunt attractions in your area?
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