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Getting in touch with Scarefactory??

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  • Getting in touch with Scarefactory??

    We made a purchase with them back at transworld and are trying to get our animatronic in time for season. We have called but there hasnt been a voicemail system. We have facebooked and emailed them as well and still no answer. Does anyone have any suggestions or another number? Maybe a way to call/message Rich himself?
    Thanks in advance guys!

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    I don't understand how they continue to get business. Year after year they have customers complaining about lack of communication and poorly designed and built products. The only way they are ever going to change is if people withhold their money and order for better, more reputable companies.

    Sorry to hear you're having the same problems so many people before you have experienced as well. Next time, I highly recommend checking out Adam from Poison Props or Kevin at Gore Galore. Those are two highly renowned companies that actually care about their customers and the products they produce!

    Good luck and do keep us posted.
    Zach Wiechmann


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      I have always defended David Fachman because he usually came through, i have not ordered because I felt the quality went down however, so this year I ordered,not a lot, but still a good sum.
      I was promised a delivery date and of course no delivery. I called and called , talked with him and David said Ill call you right back, yeah right,. After I called and said I was cancelling and needed a refund his response was yeah whatever...really? I said he needed quality control and customer service...he got smarmy and smart assed, so I told him to F as I called the credit card company...I get a truck delivery, yep my items....would it not be easier to just call or e-mail and avoid confrontation? why get an attitude? I've been told even his own employees don't like that is no way to run a business. Even though I did get my item, you don't get that way with a customer. I'm done with Scarefactory and he can still F off, what a jerk...stay with poison props and Adam..class act..for those that need it here's his cell# 614-565-3590.... good luck getting your stuff....everyone should just not order and maybe he'll get the message but I don't think he cares...if you talk to him tell him i said get bent....



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        I defended SF too...

        until same thing as above happened to me. Except I never did get to talk with him directly on phone and tell him to go F himself. I never got a live person or one returned email that year. Credit card billed at Transworld for deposit, then balance was billed to card in July or Aug. Nothing ever came. So I contacted credit card company explained what had happened and they put the charges in dispute. Filled out there paper work and included stuff I printed off forums here to show credit card company it happens all the time with Scare Factory. They reversed all charges and I never heard boo from SF. I never ordered again from them. I had bought some of their big items in past too! I'm talking things like The Slayer on the archway pediment. Scissor searpent, and more.

        I suggest you print this to show your credit card company.

        Two were mentioned above as ones to deal with. I can say Gore Galore and Poison Props are both great in all aspects. Full disclosure; I have actually helped Adam/Poison set up their display several years. I buy a LOT of Poison as I change at least 50% of my props EVERY year trading around the country. Buying a lot of them; I just volunteered to help them set up; that let me get sneek peek to decide what 2 I wanted to buy and bring home every year off show floor.

        But I have to add Distortions as another company customer service is beyond good. I had a controller on their prop fail. It wasn't their part or their fault. I had the part IN MY HAND less than 24 hours later. I WAS SHOCKED! I buy a lot of their stuff as well.

        There is one company I am still waiting on for this year. More to come on that later if need be.

        Wicked Farmer


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          And the list of unhappy buyers goes on... but here is another story to beware of as well-

          After swearing SF off in 2015 I found myself looking at a SF animated zombie at the 2016 Transworld HHA Auction. And because it was right there and I had a few bucks left I bid and won it, knowing this was almost certainly not going to end well, and sure enough it didn't.

          I knew I wouldn't be able to take it home with me and that it had to go back to the SF booth to finish out the show, but I figured, all they had to do was put it on a pallet and ship it! Yeah... never happened.

          Now I want to be clear and say I am not reflecting negatively on the HHA in any way. In fact John Eslich went WAAAAAAAAY out of his way in order to try and make it right- Thanks John, but even that failed.

          It's just freaking horrid business practice!

          So- tell the people at the HHA Auction NOT to accept items from vendors that cannot be taken after winning if you so desire! It's a simple thing.
          How can a man die better than facing fearful odds, for the ashes of his fathers and the temple of his gods.

          What you put into your mind- you put into your life.


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            In the same Scare Factory Boat...

            I have also been trying to get a hold of Scare Factory for going on 5 months with no response to email, phone calls or Facebook. I should have heeded the warnings of others. Does anyone out there have any tips for getting a call back from them? Frankly, I would just like my $7k back at this point.


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              And the question is "Why"?

              Not that it would do much, but all of us affected, perhaps we should all file BBB reports against Scarefactory as a disreputable company. I think if you are a big boy, you probably have a better chance of timely getting your product, but at least one of the big boys has warned me off of them.

              It's a shame, I don't know where the disconnect is, or more specifically, where Dave's disconnect is but it is there. They always have innovative product each year so somehow able to pull that off, but the customer service is non-existent and I had to threaten lawsuit a few years ago to go my stuff.

              Maybe the theme park industry is the real customer and the haunt industry just fills in slumps as needed.