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  • Props for Sale in Bushkill, PA

    Props for sale now or after your season. Pickup in Bushkill, PA preferred.

    Tree of Death

    9 Foot tall tree has a pumpkin character on top that detaches and falls towards guests attacking them. Has audio (no audio system included)

    $1500 - no speakers included

    tree o death.JPG

    Burn Electricution Twitcher ( SOLD)
    Poision Props

    burn electro 2.JPG

    Pop-up Corpse

    Crowd Favorite - Coffin with a corpse inside that pops up at guests and then pops up and down. Always a great effect.



    We call her Amy

    A one of a kind puppet that was supposedly used in MTV. Puppet functions no longer work but she stands about 8 feet tall and is awesome.



    Also have a Zombie King costume from Haunt Tactics. Worn about 5 times in great shape. Will need new velcro straps due to a design flaw in the original costumes.

    $800 (free shipping)


    I will be adding photos as I can find them. If there is any interest you are welcome to stop by anytime. Just shoot me a note or call 484-293-1544 or email:
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    Also have more items for sale:

    Large 4x8 Cemetery Sign ($200)

    Cemetary Sign.JPG
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      All props still for sale, make offer on anything you see. Pickup before or after halloween.

      We will ship the Zombie King costume for free. All other items are for Pickup in Bushkill, PA. The more you buy the more you save!


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        Burn Electricution Twitcher is tentatively sold, all other props are still available.


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          Burn Electrocution Twitchier is back on the market. Make offer for any props.


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            tree of death?

            if you have the tree of death still for sale please let me know I'm interested. call 845-391-0071 or email me Thks Bob


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              Burn Twitcher and Crate prop are sold.

              All other large props will be available again in the spring.

              Haunt Tactics Costume is available to ship at any time. In good shape, worn about 4 times total.
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                Now that spring is here we can get access back to the park to sell more items.

                I would really like the zombie king costume to go to a good home. Now $500 shipped to anywhere in the US. Great shape! PM for more pictures.

                Tree of Death is still for sale, all other props will be used in our haunt this year at this point but will be for sale after the haunt in the fall.


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                  Here is a video of the Zombie King Costume for sale:


                  From Haunt Tactics .. $500 obo shipped.


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                    Originally posted by HauntedLehmanPark View Post
                    Here is a video of the Zombie King Costume for sale:


                    From Haunt Tactics .. $500 obo shipped.
                    Still for sale. NOW: $450 shipped this weekend only! Otherwise we are going to put it in our haunt for this year.


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                      Last Chance and Best Price - $400 shipped to your door for the costume. If not sold this week I will pack it up to use in the haunt this year.

                      Brian Smith


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                        Scarefactory Corpse

                        What type of shape is the Scarefactory Coffin Jumper in?