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  • Interest in self built props?

    Hey guys. After seeing the affordable props we have used over the years, I have realized we tend to see the same ol' same ol'.... unless you spent top dollar and even then you eventually see the same ol again.

    So, after looking at some of our cheaper props we've had used over the years, we decided to sculpt and make some of our own stuff. So I was wondering, if it was worth making a few extra and putting out there for sale?

    Who here would be interested in decently sculpted, foam filled, flat back props of a different flavor? We are currently molding out a young male torso. It's like your typical, Don Post torso, but we tried to make it a tad bit more realistic, using a plastic skeleton rib cage and skull to make a beat up, dismembered torso with realistic bone structure etc.

    This is a photo of the torso we're molding. It's of course, got more details in it by now. We still sculpted about an hour or so more on it since the photo.


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    nice looks great what will they run?


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      wow that looks awesome!
      - Ethan Hall, EEK Productions Owner/Operator


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        Thanks guys. I'm not sure yet how much it'll run. I know the latex and foam itself will be pretty pricey... what I mean is, compared to the other things I have made before, lol.

        We have had a few things come up that's taken my time away from the projects and it is still currently wrapped up. I am cleaning it out this week and hoping to make a few pulls this weekend. That's the plan anyways.

        Price... I'm hoping to definitely be cheaper than mass produced ones, but we know how cost changes dramatically when you are buying materials in bulk etc.. so we'll have to see. Right now I haven't priced the volume of foam I'll be needing... The top two goals is to make pieces that are different and affordable. I'm mainly just doing this because we're on a tight budget and trying to save money and perhaps if one or two sells, I can buy more materials to make other things.... at least until the project makes a return on investment.


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          keep me posted


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            Very interested! This is our first year and the only props I've bought so far are actually homemade ones. Cheaper and also different. Our theme is a haunted school so I'm in the market for some smaller bodies.
            ~nail in the coffin~

            **Crawford School of Terror**
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              These are the pics I took today. It's 3/4 way foam filled. Foam lined on the inside of the skull and sides. Has some heft to it but still very light.

              Will be painted in the next day or so. This "Cleaning Pull" looks pretty good actually. This will be the first one available for sale. I typically try to keep the first pulls if they're good enough for display for originals but at this point in time, I really need to sell it to resupply foam / latex / clay. Will post painted pics asap when it's done.


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                Shoot me the price and info when you're done tomorrow, chances are I'll take it just like I did those bolts


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                  lol, awesome. Sounds good. We're doing some 'home' stuff right now and I had to put off painting. hopefully will be done tonight, but I'll send you a copy n pasted msg I've been sending to others.

                  Thanks again.

                  ps. For the record, I knew that my cost of small quantities of latex and foam would make it a bit more costly than those from big vendors ordering by the drums... but yeah, there's going to be about $40 (my cost) in foam in these alone. Kinda took me by surprise but than again, not really. Oxymoron?
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                    So paint work is 90% done. Got some permablood on there and most of it's dry already. My contact cement is dried up so I need to go get some more before I apply the human hair (yes, 100% human hair) onto it.

                    I got some detail painting left to do, eyeball etc. And one more round of permablood. Would've been done but I'm late for the gym.
                    Here's some better pictures. First ones were taken with a tablet, then these are with a phone. (Still need to buy a camera)
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