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Darkness Haunted House ENTIRE FIRST FLOOR

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  • Darkness Haunted House ENTIRE FIRST FLOOR

    I want to sell the ENTIRE Darkness first floor either right now or after Halloween of 2015.

    I'm going to replace it with a London theme. There is a LOT OF STUFF IN THERE if you have been in the past you can make an offer. You would have take it down yourself.

    Would not include any of the sound or lighting equipment since I can re-use.

    Several big animations in there...

    Demon from distortions
    Gator from Unit 70
    TRex scarefactory
    giant spider uni 70
    slayer scarefactory
    giant snake and a giant snake puppet
    giant boa
    giant puppet from gore galore

    plus thousands of dollars of props and sets ... whatever you take out its yoursl

    Serious offers ONLY!

    Larry Kirchner

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    Darkness Haunted House Downstairs

    How much are you realistically looking for it?




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      7 animal cages with mayan decor
      Animated small snake
      One parhana tank with waterfall
      40 skull panels
      One animated witch
      One animated slayer with stand
      3 Egyptian statutes
      One mayan side facade
      One main facade
      One Gothic round torrent with statue
      One animated troll
      One shooting pygmy
      Three coves with grim reaper corpses
      One elaborate doorway (scarebox)
      One animated alien unit 70
      One large Egyptian pillar
      Assorted foam rubble
      One animated snake from coffin
      5 hanging heads
      2 standing corpses
      4 Egyptian guards
      One torture wheel with body
      2 vikings (one animsted)
      3 chained to wall characters
      4 mis bodies
      2 hanging cages with skeletons
      One jail room scene
      2 sets of mummy coves with 6 mummies
      1 animated talking sphinx
      One torture table with body
      One Egyptian pillar
      One Medusa scene
      8 stone unit 70 characters
      5 expensive planters
      One animated Medusa
      2 expensive statues
      5 knights in alligator coves
      One animated alligator
      One croczilla
      2 impailed bodies
      Lots of vines and came
      One kicker
      One stone water fountain
      3 headhunters
      One big darkness demon distortions
      3 pygmies
      One headhunter foam carved scene walls
      30 assorted crates
      One full set (9) crypt coves with bodies
      One snakezilla
      4 snake statues
      1 big snake statue
      2 animated spiders in crates
      One mayan head archway
      5 hanging bodies
      1 snake puppet
      One suspension bridge
      I big budda statue
      One 3 headed snake piece
      One animated scorpion
      4 old animated gorillas
      One animated T Rex
      One cave scene with 2 waterfalls
      One big moby puppet
      One animated mosquito
      One mayan facade
      5 mayan characters
      One demon character
      One big statue
      One big animated snake
      One dropping bridge
      One mayan statue
      One animated small mummy
      4 mayan torture bodies
      One mayan fountain
      One mayan torture room
      One spider room Cove
      3 spiderweb hanging bodies
      One budda in Cove
      One small animated spider
      One spiderzilla
      One spider Cove
      One room of coves
      One skull puppet
      Larry Kirchner


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        Haunt World Rules

        I thought one of the Haunt world rules is you have to post price. Does this not apply to the owner?


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          Yeah larry, whats all this actually worth resale/used? Especially since the buyer has to remove it all LOL.
          Fear Engineer


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            I was going to say the same thing on the rules, but he always says Im negative.




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              I would want parts and pieces... Bring em on...
              Ben Armstrong


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                Larry prices for
                T Rex


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                  I'm going to give a price and yes you're 110% right you should put prices. However I'm NOT at this time willing to sell one thing to this person and one to that person... I have to evaluate the best options. There is enough stuff here with walls included to build an entire haunted house. What is that worth?

                  Hundreds of thousands... how much will I sell it for is the question. It will be at least $100,000 or more maybe a lot more.

                  I'm putting it out there NOW so if someone is really interested they can stop by the Darkness tour and take a look and make an offer.

                  If I was selling things piece by piece I could put a price on it in 10 minutes.

                  I went thru the list and if I sold everything at 50% or more off what it cost we are talking about $150,000.00 so what I'm willing to sell it for would be between 100 and 150k and that is STEALING IT! I bet I have about $400 to 500 in it.

                  Larry Kirchner


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                    Dont be offended.....My bid is 50,000 cash. If I see higher offers Ill go up, but I must see them....Its a serious bid.....



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                      For that amount I'd take it all down and put it in storage for a day that might come really soon when I build a haunt for a client who wants a theme along these lines. It would never cut the cake.

                      We are talking about roughly a 8000 square foot entire haunted house.

                      If you built it yourself you'd spend 7 to 10 times your offer.

                      Larry Kirchner


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                        Larry I'm very interested in the whole thing. Can you supply me with some photos.


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                          Larry your right...but I had to start somewhere. Let me know your highest offer and I can see what I can do.



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                            I have zillions of photos for any serious buyer. I have been called and emailed on this multiple times now...

                            I am going to figure it out but it will be over 100k.

                            I'm also selling a complete paintball hayride system for 45k

                            Larry Kirchner


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                              Has this already sold, Larry? I might have a reason to come to Transworld now...
                              Tanner Phillips
                              The Darkest Hour