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  • Buyer Beware!!!

    So I must say, that I regretfully feel the need to post this, not out of malice, but out of legitimate concern.

    I recently attempted a transaction with George Maser, and was treated beyond terribly by him. Which has NEVER happened before and for the most part, he is nothing but a standup guy, however I was just burned beyond belief.

    After paying $6,000 to George for two curtain systems. After paying in full then paying additional funds for expedited shipping for the entire attraction, he decided to let me know a second package would e shipping separately for the fittings and wouldn't arrive until MONDAY (7 days from now) and that I needed to give him an additional $500 to get it here in time to install for this coming weekend. Which was a blow to the nuts, so it'd be the SECOND time I would have had to give an additional payment outside of what I already paid to get my product on time. The entire time he was rude and unprofessional, no respect and no understanding.

    So it was either give him an another $500 or lose $8-10k in ticket sales because of his incapabilities. So I reluctantly paid the extra amount.

    The information was typed in incorrectly TWICE (on purpose?) which resulted in a $1,000 hold on the account, at which point UPS left and now I am out $1000 and will not get my attraction in full on time. He royally screwed me. And has ZERO remorse.

    Although he has a great history, and has been NOTHING but stand up, this SINGLE SITUATION has been enough to convince me to never give him a penny ever again. Be very cautious if you think ordering from him would be a good idea. Hopefully he will rectify the situation, however, I am not holding my breath.image.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpg

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    which company is it

    not sure the name ,which company


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      Technically Maser Tents LLC, he posts on here a lot selling flamethrowers, claustrophobia tunnels, tents and curtain chaos systems


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        It sounds like this May be an isolated incident as I have dealt with George when I bought both canvas by the roll and a claustrophobia wall from him . I was less than happy with the walls as the were not the quality I expected. George agreed they were not up to par and sent me new canvas.. I was more than pleased with his efforts.. I too like the curtain system but it's past the time I allotted for new attractions but I inquired and will do business happily with him next year. Maybe you rushed it and he couldn't deliver in the time you allowed.. The extra fees do suck but I'm sure it's a time issue not him gouging you or wanting more he is just trying to fill your needs which is expensive last minute


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          Just filling in some missing facts

          Thanks to everybody who called me and told me about this post.
          Reading Bobby Arel's message does make me sound like the heartless bastard he's called me
          But - he left out some of the facts - like:
          I held 2 mazes in inventory on just his word for over 2 months because once a week he would tell me that he would have the money any second.
          Friday his credit card was declined
          Saturday 1/2 the transaction went through
          Sunday the other 1/2 cleared
          Monday the 770 lb pallet of poles and panels in South Carolina and the 130 lb package of fittings in Arizona were packed and ready for afternoon pick up. (Shipping from Arizona saved him $100 over having the fittings shipped to me in South Carolina then shipped to Connecticut)
          I pay standard shipping which at this point was a little over $700
          Monday afternoon,late, Bobby called my wife and wanted delivery by Wednesday noon.
          She managed to get the pallet changed to guaranteed delivery while I stalled the driver. The upcharge was only $75 through our discounted CH Robinson account. (Saved him over $100 if he had booked it on his own)
          The UPS 2 day air charge on the 130 lbs of fittings from Arizona was an additional $386. I hooked him up directly with the factory since I have no influence with UPS. (saving him the 3% credit card fee I would have charged him)
          His credit card was declined
          He called me in an agitated and abusive state demanding that I pay the $386.
          After about 10 minutes of nonsense with him ramping up to full scream, I hung up on him. Something I have not done in about 10 years.
          I reviewed some of Bobby's recent posts. He seems to be a negative person. Maybe people would be more inclined to help him if he got some help.

          I will have 2 red/white striped and a black maze ready to ship on Friday for responsible haunters with good credit.
          Happy Haunting!
          George Maser 864-761-7223, For the fastest response please call or text! (I talk much better than I type)


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            Thanks for clearing that up. There is always more to the story I'm glad u cleared that up..I want one for next year..


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              Never done business with George...

              ...but I have made inquiries. Not afraid of doing business with you one bit George after this posting. It just did not sound like the person I had talked to in past.

              Wicked Farmer
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                Well this is one out of many places it was posted but this is the only place you have responded to it George.

                Little of what you said was true.

                $75 was the first charge
                $483.45 was the second

                Card was flagged as fraud (security thing that the bank does) because you ran it through about 3 different systems in varying amounts incorrectly for whatever darn reason and without a signature and thousands of data being spent halfway across the country it kinda sparked a red flag.

                I called you in search for an update, I was never given tracking info and you PROMISED me you would have it to me in time to open this weekend, which is going to be near impossible if that box of fittings isn't here.

                You also WAITED until i paid you in full to tell me a second shipment would be arriving on MONDAY (which means goodbye to a weekend of ticket sales).

                I tried to work and compromise with you and gave you nothing but honesty and respect and in return you basically just slapped me across the face.

                In other postings, (this same original one cross posted in multiple haunt groups) over a dozen other people publicly came out and talked about the problems they had with you doing the same darn thing.

                Don't you dare sit in the back and act like you're innocent and I'm an unruly client. You couldn't be further from the truth. What respectable business owner would slander a client by wrongfully accusing their client of bad credit (couldn't be further from the truth, you can even provide me with a legitimate invoice btw, really appreciate that LOL), and calling me negative and just downright talking nasty about me. I didn't say nasty things about you, I explained my situation truthfully and expressed my discomfort all while preserving your integrity by referring to you as someone who has been nothing but stand up and a great guy, but followed that up with factual distaste about our encounters. I do not yell, anyone who knows me, can pretty much promise you it's hard to get me yelling or screaming on the phone.

                I offered to split the difference in shipping with you, since you guaranteed I'd have it for this weekend and I already paid you in full with shipping included, you couldn't pull through which was more expensive for the client (not really how that's supposed to work), and then YOU got angry at me like it was my fault you couldn't find anyone with the right connectors for your product who could deliver in a timely manner...

                And I do feel awful about this, your lack of professionalism in this very scenario ruined my perception of you as a business owner, and for a client to pay you well over $6,000 and you try and turn the situation AROUND and make them look bad is just a JOKE.

                Good luck in your future endeavors George.
                I hope for your sake this gets put up before Friday. As long as I can get it up, I'll drop my complaints, but if I lose ANOTHER weekend of sales then I'm holding you responsible for the loss.
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                  Too much Drama

                  I'm done with negativity. Too busy….. have a great season...
                  George Maser 864-761-7223, For the fastest response please call or text! (I talk much better than I type)


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                    Okay. Great! I'm appreciative of your wonderful customer service and am glad you made it public for everyone to see Deadbeat vendors who openly walk away from problems instead of trying to fix them are the best! Adios brotha!


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                      To head off a potential problem

                      1. There are 2 flame certificates sewn to two different panels. Attached is a copy of the flame certificate incase your fire marshal wants one in advance. I also included an extra piece of vinyl incase he wants to do his own test.
                      2. I sent the newly designed panels. instead of the vinyl "pocket" sliding over the thumb screw, the screw is removed, the vinyl slides over the connection, a slice is made over the nut welded to the connection and the screw is replaced. This locks the maze top rails in place incase the thumbscrews loosen. (you will understand this when you see it.) I included several razor blades with the instruction packet.
                      3. The instructions show three types of fittings - corners, side tees and 5 way tees. I sent all 5 way tees so the maze can be more free form and not just a square.
                      4. You will receive 2 complete 25x25' mazes. If you put them together as a 25x50' maze you will have extra pieces left over. If you rob one panel and 1 5' pipe from the entrance you can make five more rooms. (maybe indent the entrance or make one of your internal hallways 5x10'.
                      Call if you have questions
                      maze 2 jpeg.jpg5 way.gifflat tent frame.jpgflame cert 2.jpg
                      George Maser 864-761-7223, For the fastest response please call or text! (I talk much better than I type)


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                        Buyer Beware!!!

                        For the record, we purchased a curtain chaos system from George this year as well. He did have some issues with the manufacturer supplying the fittings he needed to fulfill our order but was diligent about keeping us informed of the situation.

                        We were a first year pro haunt and were frantically trying to accomplish a task that was deemed impossible by most. At one point I thought I had received our fittings and placed them with the rest of our curtain chaos system until we were ready to install it. However, after a lot of shuffling around, the box of fittings that I specifically remembered making a point to tell everyone not to mess with was missing. I searched for days for this box and finally decided it was time to accept it for what it was and call George to get replacements. When I called in a panic, George was very helpful and understanding of our situation and promised to get ahold of the fittings manufacturer as soon as he could. George called us back the next morning after talking to the manufacturer to tell us that we never actually received our fittings (so apparently I had a moment of temporary insanity) and our fittings were actually en route to us and were expected to be arriving the next day.

                        As business owners, I think (with the exception of a few bad apples) we all do our best to stand by our promises and make right any situations that do not go as planned. George unfortunately did have some issues with his fittings manufacturer this year; something that was out of his control. However in our situation we never felt that he wasn't doing anything and everything in his power to make things right. If anything our experience ended up creating comical memories that will stay with us for a lifetime.

                        We will continue to recommend him and view him as a trusted vendor for years to come.

                        In general this is our business philosophy:

                        Every business has deadlines and every business will at some point have setbacks. We just have to do our best not to contribute to others' setbacks by doing things like imposing unreasonable deadlines and we must always strive to keep open lines of communication with everyone to avoid any confusion. The world does not revolve around any one of us; we each are just a tiny piece of an infinite puzzle.

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                          Very Well Said.

                          So I will say... no more.