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Need Help Dont know what their worth because there rare

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  • Need Help Dont know what their worth because there rare

    Hi guys i have the antique witch and the antique warlock made in 1995 perfect condition any worth to anyone i just dont know too much about them thank you
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    that antique witch is awesome, I made one into an 8 ft stalk around with a hooded shroud.


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      ya but what do u think its worth?


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        I mean latex degrades over time.....the whole lot might go for $100 if you're lucky.....I may be wrong, but unless someone says otherwise...


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          I agree like 50 a mask would be a good price for a seller


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            Go online to the Halloween Mask Association and ask them. They can tell you anything you want to know about the masks. I know your masks were made by Illusive Concepts. Their masks are notorious for the latex breaking down quickly. Your masks might be worth something because there aren't tons of them left that didn't rot away or they could be worthless because collectors don't want to invest in a mask that isn't going to be around long. I don't have enough knowledge about Illusive Concepts stuff to know for sure what to tell you.