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  • Inside Lightning Controllers/Simulators

    If you are interested in seeing the insides and schematics of several lightning products, new links will be posted soon.
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    Fantastic thread there. Helps me out as I have a TBD controller. (saved off all the schematics and pictures there Keep them coming!

    (still busting up over the stock unit...)
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      Well, I have to say I was really appalled by your post! Your moniker is Engineer but I donít know many real engineers that would stoop that low for self acclaim.

      From your other posts it sounds like you are paid by or you are i-Zombie which kills me even more. Making fun of guys like Jim at Haunt Master which has served the haunt industry for years and has produced niche products at low costs and have never said a bad thing about anyone, really gets my goat!

      Iíve heard that when the i-Zombie units first came out they were glued together and were a design mess too. Why donít you show us the pictures of those?

      Iím guessing posting schematics of peopleís intellectual property with intent to harm their livelihood will open you up to some nice law suits. I know if it was me you would have been served by my lawyer already.

      We as haunters are a small community and should be working together not screwing each other over.

      Thatís my 2 cents!

      Jeff Londos
      Innovators in Haunt Technologies
      Jeff Londos
      Innovators in Haunt Technologies
      Proud Member of the Halloween and Haunt Vendor Association


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        I don't know... I'm taking the "middle of the road" route!

        I can see where this could harm such businesses as Jim's and others. By revealing the workings of a lightning sim. you are like revealing the treasured secrets of a magician. You are not only taking a little business away you are also emotionally effecting them. I can see how this is wrong!

        But! I can also see how this is very, VERY helpful to someone like me who loves to learn about everything! Am I going to go attempt to build this? NO! I don't a damn thing about electronic wiring, etc. But it is interesting to look inside and see how it all works!

        One example is this... Take Larry and the Halloween Productions "interlocking wall system". Yes, it's almost a "trade secret" and by showing everyone how to build them would almost take business away from Larry. BUT! Anyone who takes a theater design/construction class or who knows construction can tell you EXACTLY how these are built! I'm not going to post on here how to build your own panel... and if I did I would only post the differences between Larry's panel and a normal haunt panel, not an exact "nut and bolt" blueprint!

        I don't know about this... Maybe this thread needs to be closed or deleted. -Tyler
        Chris Riehl


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          Just to note that the thread at HauntForum has been removed.
          Thanks, Jeff


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            Jeff (Monster-Tronics) asked to see photos of early i-Zombie units. I'm happy to oblige. The earliest was the single-channel SC-1200, and I do have photos of the very first one ever built (early 2005), as well as my schematic. Yes, glue was used to secure the board and the audio transformer in that model. The SC-1201, introduced the next year, has the transformer on the circuit board and the board is secured to a boss in the enclosure with a screw.




            I do not manufacture or sell i-Zombie lightning products, or anyone else's. I provide design and consulting services.
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            Never play leapfrog with a unicorn.