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  • Wanted - giant spider

    I am looking for a giant spider. Preferably a Dark Raven spider. I should have bought one last year at TW, but already spent enough. Probably not going to the show this year. I hate to order one with all the post about vendor issues from various companies. Not to mention Dark Ravens website looks like it hasn't been updated in a very long time.

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    The man has THE BEST spiders for the money for sure, but you can't have any of mine!

    My experience with DR has been... a test of patience, to be polite.

    Not really certain why, but my TW orders have always arrived the last week of September. Perhaps it's because I place my orders on Saturday and that put me at the end of the list, or maybe my orders were relatively small so I get done last (although my first order was around 14K).

    He normally takes my calls and even has my number in his phone because he knows who is calling.

    I'd say call and speak with him before ordering and see what he says.

    Yeah, his website is pretty stale- shame, he has some really cool new stuff.
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      I have to say with my small amount of experience that i have garnered, waiting on the unknown as to if your order is going to be fulfilled in time or at all is one of the most frustrating parts of this business. Designing a room around certain things, for instance spiders and then not getting the spiders till last minute or not at all is very upsetting. I understand that we are not the only customer, but damn I paid my bill upfront and I would expect at least some consideration as to fulfilling the order properly with the same faith and communication. we should have some kind of escrow that can be some kind of protection for us. I placed an order with Shot In The Dark last year. I have had a ton of promises to refund the money and get product. Neither has happened. I just think itís sad. But on the flip side it makes me appreciate Kevin and Crystal over at Gore Galore and Michael at Ghostride whose business ethics is top notch.

      Just my thoughts...
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        I just don't want to have a small order and receive it at the last minute sometime in September.

        Yes I have orders with a couple different businesses. Gore Galore is one of them. I am just trying to avoid some of the pitfalls that others have ran into with delivery issues. Thanks to all of the feedback on here I have a better idea of what to expect.
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