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(Sit Down) Paranormal Haunted House

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  • (Sit Down) Paranormal Haunted House

    (Sit Down) Paranormal Haunted House incased in 48 Trailer seats up to 30 visitors at a time. Requires one ticket taker and 2 behind the scene workers. Self-contained, park anywhere set up in less than one hour take down in 30 minutes. Great as second Haunt or for festivals real money maker. $7,500.00 would consider half in animatronics. 606-346-2198

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    Pics or video? I am interested.

    Email me: bobbyarel(at)


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      Very interested

      Sent you a PM
      Midnight Evil Productions
      Owner/Operator of


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        see pics at


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          do you really want to sell this? your being vague. How about a link to usedrides so we do not have to search the whole site.




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            of course i want to sell or wouldn't have posted. The trailer is up and running until Oct 31st but can have it ready to show with a click of a electrical breaker if anyone wants to look at it.


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              price reduced

              $6,000.00 cash


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                need more pictures and info

                need pictures of inside, ride, scenes,etc. don't show much our give much info about it


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                  Originally posted by Trail of Terror View Post
                  need pictures of inside, ride, scenes,etc. don't show much our give much info about it
                  Thank you!

                  I would love to add this as a side attraction for next year, as we want to add a couple, but I'm not going to give anyone a penny without a much better description and a lot more photos. Overall condition if trailer as well, can we move it all the way to CT? Or from CT to CA for that matter? (Meaning, can it legally make those large trips safely??) what happens during the show, what other operating expenses are there? (Are there fx that need constant replacement??)

                  If you're trying to sell it don't lower the price, tell us more about it!
                  Do what that guy from Canada did and post a video walk through, his trailer haunt is TOP NOTCH and if I needed it I would invest in it but I already have a haunt now I want a side attraction so SHOW US MORE.


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                    no pic

                    have left phone number to contact if someone is interested they we make arrangements to call or come look. It's there if anyone is interested just removed some of the props and lowered the price for fast sale.