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Dream Reapers haunted house FOR SALE

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  • Dream Reapers haunted house FOR SALE

    After closing this season we have decided to liquidate everything.
    An inventory would be almost impossible after 13 years of hoarding.
    The haunt us in full operation or will be starting next week and if you would like more info......

    Please email if you have questions or interest

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    Very Sad News

    This really sucks. Most of us remember that Dream Reapers was THE Haunt to go to when Transworld was in Chicago. I really miss the old show and the trips to Dream Reapers and Dicks Last Resort. I hope that the closing is because they want to close NOT because they have to. Good Luck guys, I know my crew and I will miss you guys...

    Dan Augusto
    Owner Tombstone Productuions


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      Best of luck with the haunt sale. This is definitely a LEGENDARY HAUNT with a great reputation, a loyal audience and an extremely dedicated team! I too have great memories of meeting Ken and the crew while in Chicago for Transworld!

      It will be sad to see Dream Reapers close. Maybe someone will want to purchase the entire business at its current location, if that's a possibility. I wish I could!

      Thanks for all the great memories Ken and the Dream Reapers team!

      Kelly Allen
      Raycliff Manor Haunted Attraction


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        Idea-- what if a bunch of us got together and co-purchased it?
        I'm willing to negotiate.
        Chris Riehl


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          You would need a new location, their building got sold, necessitating the sale.
          R&J Productions
          Las Vegas, NV