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Hallowscream - Frightmares Inventory 4 Sale

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  • Hallowscream - Frightmares Inventory 4 Sale

    Hey Everyone,

    First, my apologies to Randy Bates, Allan Bennett, Bill Livingston and all the others that have shown interest and/or made offers on my inventory, I've been pre-occupied and procrastinating with coordinating with people as usual (Divorce sucks and I have serious ADD, :}.

    I just want to let everyone/anyone know that I'm selling a bunch of haunt stuff, a little bit of everything from A to Z. Still trying to get a list, pics & prices so email me if you want them. Getting divorced so I need to sell everything. 40'x100' white pole tent, Scair Structure Inflatable Haunt, Universal Studios Chamber of Chills Haunt, 4 or 5 Creative Visions pneumatics: Deep Fryer Electric Chair, Junk Yard Dog Attack, Toxic Barrel Jumper + other, Tons of Little Spider foam props (almost everything in their catalog, Costumes, Tons of Sound Equipment, Surveillance Equipment, Portable Fire Sprinkler System, Busines Plan, Marketing Plan, Sponsorship Plan, URL/Domain, Tons of wiring & Lighting, Stobes, Fog Machines & Juice, 4x8 Double & Single sided wooden OSB wall panels, 3,000 sf of 4x8 Aluminum walls panels with melomite skins on and on.

    Email me for more info or arrange to stop by and make offer(s)