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    Hey Guys,

    Although this is our first year going pro, my partner and I have been hitting up every tag sale and every used item auction/sale to do our best to save and make money.

    That being said, a local FEC (Family Entertainment Center) was going out of business, and was selling a laser tag and paintball system. We bought the two attractions as a package, in addition to a few other items.

    We recently made a deal with a corporate sponsor, who has provided a better business opportunity for us, but in order to accept the offer, we have to make more room for a different attraction, therefore we are selling off our paintball system.

    I'm actually really bummed to see it go. It's just about any guys fantasy. We never even got to set it up! However, my partner and I did get to play it and we had a BLAST!

    I am open to any and all offers for the system. What you see in the pictures are what you get. What's not pictured, but is included in the sale, is the air distribution system which is at my partners storage facility as mine is completely full at the moment haha. He may also have a few other pieces, nothing overly important, but anything we have relating to this paintball system is included, I tried to dig as much out as possible, but there's literally just a ton of stuff, perfect for a small wagon or indoor "shoot the nerd" style side attraction.

    Buyer is responsible for shipping, (the system can be broken down into a pretty small area, so I don't think shipping would really kill you on this, we can fit most of the stuff in 2 average size plastic storage tubs with the exception of the paintball bazooka and the air/co2 distribution system). Or you can come pick it up, doesn't matter to me. We'll make it all pretty for you and help load it up or ship it out at no extra charge.

    You may notice a few extra random pieces, (like the barrels in the first image), the owner of the FEC kept literally EVERYTHING over the year, so any useful spare part that could be used as a backup for the system, we took. So there are a bunch of extra spare parts, it takes little basic knowledge to actually assemble or disassemble these things, they aren't complicated at all, you'll end up having more than you can use. We were surprised with how many extra pieces there were when we picked this up. I also have a couple cases for the guns around in storage somewhere that has all manufacturer and warranty info.

    Make an offer, either by posting on here or through a PM. Highest offer in the next couple of weeks or so will get it. I'll keep everyone posted on here to be as fair as possible. Not looking to do trade on this, may consider cash and trade, again, my partner and I will just take whatever the best offer is, and if you'd like it right away just let me know! We want this to be fair, fun and profitable! =)

    You could really make a TON of money with this as a side attraction this October, and could probably even help you stay open year round if you have to have a year round lease! Definitely a neat attraction and this could be yours for a total steal!


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    And as always, don't be afraid to call at text at my personal number, (203) 988-2440 with any inquiries!
    Or you can email me personally at
    And don't be afraid to find me on Facebook!

    I'm about as real and honest as it gets with this stuff, don't want anyone to feel left in the dark or worried, feel free to contact me at any time in any manner you prefer. =)


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      First $500 takes it, we need to free up space, thats about 60% off new! (if not a little more!) We really want to move this out of the way, so just take it! I'd rather see it go to a haunter who could make money off of it than some punk on feebay haha, hate the cost of listing stuff on there, so take advantage of this.

      We WILL consider trades! Make some real money with this set up!


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        Originally posted by screamforadream View Post
        Boy, I really wouldn't want to be a monster at your haunt's shooting range! LOLOL!! That looks painful!

        "hey guys, we got a live one! concentrate fire over there!"



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          The great thing is that you actually use a compressor, not CO2, so it's easy to adjust the PSI, you can also use low impact balls It only looks menacing! Haha


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            How do you use a compressor with them? I grew up in paintball and I recognize a few of those markers even though they came out after I retired from paintball and I can tell you, most of the markers I see should be manual blow forward or blow back setups and they usually need 600psi. Some of my markers I installed LPSI kits (low psi) that would drop them down to 300 - 400 psi and work fine.

            So my question is, what compressor are you using to get those kind of PSIs? Also, even though a marker is using 500 psi to operate, this is NOT what controls the FPS (feet per second) on the balls.

            To anyone looking at these, you can safely make these work, all you need is a chrono, you can get a hand held unit for about $80 from Feebay. Each style of marker WILL have an adjustment, you may have to google where, but they all have adjustments for the FPS setting. Most of the time it's just a matter of closing the release valve tighter (where the air goes through at) to drop it, and open it up for higher fps.

            National Speed Limits are: 300fps for tourneys.
            Most Recball (woods ball) fiels limit to 280.
            When we played at night at 24 hour scenario games, we lowered to 180. You can still get some distance with these kind of numbers and still break balls.
            Please use these settings. Anything higher WILL start breaking skin and hurting badly. These are NOT TOYS! By any means.

            My tank we used (built a PAV, paintball attack vehicle) we used Scuba Tanks to operate the ".50" on the turrett.

            Anyways, I was just curious as to how you make these work with a compressor. The compressor's I've used only went up to 200 for the 60 gallon. I am NOT trying to debunk your stating of the compressor usage at all, just merely trying to find out how :P

            Edit* btw here's a link to what you'd need for the chrono




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              I have NO idea lol, I am not a mechanical person whatsoever, probably the WORST person to talk to about anything. We simply want to off these guys haha. I know the guy before us had everything running from a compressor, but it wasn't included in the sale, as it was purchased separately before we got to it

              If ya like it so much you can always buy it ;P Hahahaha, the asking price is more than fair (I think anyway), or hell, buy them to sell to people you might still know in the biz! Flip them like those guys on Spike TV flip houses lol.


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                hey Bobby sent you pm
                In Darkness they hunt the living


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                  Got it, replied to your text too.

                  This is still available to the first person out there to make an offer, someone just take it lol. We move into our new space August 1st and want it out by then.


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                    Pending payment, but seems as if this sold! Will confirm when I know for sure


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                      To the buyer, if the LAW rocket doesn't fit your bill, you should Feebay it! Lots of Scenario players want one, but afraid to build one. I'd expect at least $100 for it by itself.

                      Bobby, your price is very fair. Usually, unless you have high end markers, and not $30 cheapo's, tend to think of them as $40 to $65 per working marker, pump or semi, ANYTHING SHOOTING that's not junk is worth that. Then $25 per goggle set.

                      But looks like you may have a winner.



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                        Still for sale!

                        Thanks DeWayne, ya want it? Lol, it's still for sale!

                        Someone take advantage of this, it's a steal!


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                          Bump! Still available, make an offer