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Animatronic armatures for sale or trade

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  • Animatronic armatures for sale or trade

    I have a few armatures that are for sale or trade. We stumbled upon a BUNCH between a couple haunted tag sales and have more than we can use this year. We have a lifter, an extender, and a couple smaller frames. No set asking price, for pictures just text me, 203 988 2440 or send me an email. =) Open to any and all trades, not all too picky and not in a rush to sell or off them, as I'm sure we'll have a use for them in future years, they are extremely well built and are very well designed, welds are all very good, so they'd be great to someone that could use them. Just let me know!


    I guess I should put some list out there of possible trades, anything medical, anything gory, anything related to concessions, ankle ticklers, we have a hospital themed haunt, a manor themed lazer tag, and a zombie themed paintball shooting gallery. So we can find a use for just about anything haunt related. So shoot me an offer! I appreciate it guys! =)

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    YGPM! YGPM! (10 character minimum.... lol)