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  • Summer's here

    Parade and festival season is upon us. If you own, or act in a haunt, you know the importance of getting you name out in front of people throughout the year and not just during October. If you donít already do parades and appearances at as many local festivals as you can, you are missing a fantastic advertising tool that gets your customers thinking of you and looking forward to visiting in the coming season. There are many great products out there that are perfect for this, Gore Galoreís giant costumes, Ex Mortisí stalkabouts, and the huge influx of fantastic oversized weapons and tools from several vendors. This year the Iron Kingdom has designed and produced a complete line of actor activated portable animations that are perfect for this venue as well as pulling duty during the season in your haunt.
    So in response to several requests we received at both Transworld and the Midwest Haunt Convention, we are offering bundle packages at discounted prices. For example, order any two of our vendor trays for a combined savings of $100.00 including free shipping within the lower 48. A four pack will result into a whopping $300.00 savings. Contact us today about these and the many other combo discounts we are offering. But donít delay, these deals are limited, so place your order today.